No matter how great your website is, some users are going to bounce. As an online marketer, the question is, how do you capture a visitor’s attention at the moment when they are losing interest, and make them think twice about it? This is transforming bounce into conversion, and one great way to do it is with an exit intent popup using exit intent technology.

Exit pop up are the second, and often the last chance you have to convert a website visitor. With Personyze Exit Popups, you can take advantage of this critical moment, and make sure that a personalized message is speaking directly to the individual about their specific needs, offering them a value proposition they can’t refuse. The higher the relatability of your message, the greater the chance of a visitor converting rather than bouncing, on your site.


Key Features of Personyze Exit Intent Popup


Powerful Segmentation Engine: Over 70 user attributes out-of-the-box, from referring keyword, dynamic interest, social data, CRM data, IP intelligence, device type, and more.

Multiple Popup Triggers: based on various visitor states, including exit intent popup, if the visitor went idle on the page, scrolled to the bottom, or spent more than X seconds on the page. Timing is critical, we provide the tools to ensure that we are not annoying the visitors, and on the other hand, making use of these vital moments of decreased engagement.

Presenting Your Message Beautifully: Personyze templates, editing tools, and different animations allow you to easily create appealing popups.

Your Creative Just Got Personal: Using Personyze Dynamic Variables, you can change your creative and include the visitor’s name, city, maybe his company, or his device, so your message can go from “We Have 10% Discount Now” to “Hi Mr. Smith, we’ve got a 10% off special for you on that iPad you wanted, if you buy now using your iPhone.” If we break this message into parts, you can see the effect.


Keep Optimizing Using A/B Testing and Reach Reporting


Make It Strategic: Segmentation allows you to target specific segments of those who you failed to convert the most, or those biggest and most lucrative enterprise clients, by giving them an offer they can’t refuse, and beginning the dialog with them. Avoid wasting promotions on small clients, or those not worth targeting for whatever reason.

Connect Your Promotions to Real-time Business Performance: Automatically turn your promotions on or off when Personyze detects higher traffic, calls, or form submissions, so your promotions come in perfect timing, not only for the visitors but also for your business, when you need the push in sales the most.

Exit Intent Popup with AI Dynamic Recommendation: Present visitors with the most viewed/booked, bought, or read content or products for this week, based on visitor location, demographics, and known personal interests derived from on-site behavior and other sources.




Personyze Exit Pop up allow you to reduce bounce, increase conversion, and prevent customer loss and cart abandonment. By presenting the user with a personal message just as they leave, you can remind them that you care about their needs. Best of all, the process of turning a normal popup into best exit popup consists of just one click.