Schedule a Live Demo

Get a one-on-one meeting with one of our personalization experts to discuss how personalization fits into your online marketing and conversion optimization strategy, and become familiarized with our platform.


Personzye Demo

This demo will include an overview of Personyze's interface, features, and functionality, as well as answers to your questions, and consultation on your personalization strategy.

Marketing Agencies

This meeting is for marketing agencies who wish to provide personalization services to their clients. In this meeting, we will provide an overview of Personyze with that application in mind.

Managed Service

Managed Service meetings are for current account holders to do training or discuss campaigns being requested as part of the Built for You service, by the Personyze Team.

Demo FAQ

To attend a demo with us, you will need a computer with a functioning microphone, since it will be a screen-sharing call. No camera is necessary, but you will need to be able to use GOTO Meetings

While it isn’t absolutely necessary, there are several things you can do to make the meeting more efficient and effective.

  • Look at the FAQ
    If you’re new to Personyze, look at our FAQ page beforehand (linked from the main menu), so that the demo time is spent only on questions which are not already answered there.
  • Install the Tracking Code (Optional)
    If you want to do or see anything live on your site, such as live examples, it’s a good idea to have the tracking code installed on your site, although keep in mind this will also commence your limited free trial page views. 
  • Have Use Cases Ready, if Possible
    All demos are better when you have concrete use cases already in mind which you want to accomplish with Personyze. Some examples might be changing a banner on your home page for different segments, or installing recommendations throughout your ecommerce store. 

This will depend on the purpose of your demo/meeting. 

If you are still in the process of assessing various solutions, and merely need an overview for that assessment, it may not be necessary to have your team there. 

However, if you are more invested by the point that you sign up for the demo, or if you are having a Managed Service or Getting Started meeting, it’s probably for the best if all the relevant parties are involved. 

Yes, we do sometimes meet with new clients more than once before they sign up.

After signup, there will usually be an on-boarding meeting, and periodic managed service meetings throughout the time we work together. 

Personyze works primarily on Eastern US time; however, we do meet with clients from different parts of the world at times outside those normal business hours. 

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