Easy Tools to Deliver Targeted Banners & Pop-Ups

Increase the effectiveness and engagement of your online marketing campaigns by triggering smart promotions in the form of relevant banners and popups, based on each visitor’s unique characteristics.

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Keep Promotions Smart, Relevant, & Engaging

The effectiveness of promotional offers is wholly dependent on their relevance to the visitor. Rather than cluttering up your website in an attempt to cover all your segments, improve your site experience by using Personyze to show each promotion selectively to the segment for which it is most relevant, based on our 70+ audience targeting rules, including CRM variables, dynamic session data such as cart value, referral, pages visited, weather and geo-targeting, and many more.

Embed Banners Into Pages, or Show as Popups

Display your content any way you want, whether embedded directly into your pages using a point-and-click interface, as a popup with a variety of display types, or a top/bottom notification bar. Promotion behaviors can display on enter, on exit, on idle, on timer, and can be limited so as not to annoy your visitors. Start from scratch, or use our responsive templates, which include full customizability to match your brand.

Test & Optimize Smart Promotions’ Performance

Rotate promotions between different users for A/B testing, or rotate between pages to maximize exposure. Auto-deactivate testing groups if they don’t reach a certain number of impressions/clicks, or if their conversion rate is too low. Track and get email alerts on multiple performance metrics for a given visitor segment, including transaction value, click through rate, sign ups, and more.

Detailed Campaign Performance Analytics

Personyze will collect and display many analytics metrics internally, and report to Google Analytics by default, but you can also set custom metrics across your site to be tracked and compared for testing. Use the KPIs that make the most sense for your business model and strategy, and tell Personyze what to track

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Bring the power of marketing automation and targeting to your site, allowing you to show exactly the right offer to exactly the right visitor, every time. Provide your customers with a personal and tailored experience that will keep them coming back for more.


Personyze works on every site. Simply add our tracking code, and you’re done. Our script will never slow down your site. Onboarding includes optional training and consultation, step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance, & 24/7 365 support.

Some of Personyze’s Banner/Popup Features

Improve effectiveness and engagement of your online marketing campaigns with our simple and effective targeted banners & popups.