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 Popups and Banners Manager

Show Targeted and Relevant Banners for Increased CTR and Visitor Satisfaction

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Personyze’s audience-based Banner Manager allows you to display different banners and popups based on each visitor’s interests and profile, without programming and without making any changes to your site’s HTML code.

With complete control of Design, Timing, Rotation, and Banner Location on the page, you can deliver the right banners & popups to the right visitor, at the right time, to dramatically improve CTR and Conversion rates for banners & promotions.


Personyze can automatically test which banners are the best for your visitor, and rotate banners based on your instructions.

Smart Targeting
Personyze displays the appropriate banners every time a page is viewed, based on each visitor’s demographic characteristics, their Facebook profile, keywords searched, browsing history, products viewed, page events and behavior in the website. Personyze can automatically test which banners are the best, and rotate banners based on your instructions.

For example: If Personyze identifies that a visitor arrived to the website after searching for “iPhone accessories”, it will show banners for relevant products, and will not use precious space on advertising another brand of smartphone in which the visitor will likely not be interested. When Personyze identifies a visitor located in Denver, it will show a “Free 24-hour delivery to your home in Denver” banner that will likely receive more clicks than a generic banner.

Dashboard Reports
Personyze monitors every banner impression and click-through event, and will generate full banner statistics reports for you and your advertisers.


Full Control of Look, Design, and Behavior:

  • Displays your ads and banners in popups or embeds them into the page layout ( No need for coding).
  • Most modern per-industry, predesigned responsive banners and popups
  • Use 70+ out-of-the-box targeting criteria to target banners and popups
  • Trigger popup & banners strategically, based on Visitor Behavior on the page, Exit Intent, Page Scroll, Page Clicks and Page Inactivity
  • Rotate banners and popups between visitors, or between page Timers, to display or to auto close banners & popups
  • Don’t show banner & popups, based on visitor interaction with them, show/click/close
  • Insert a Dynamic Variable (Visitor name, City, Search Word, etc.) from the Variable Bank into the design.



Generic and Random Ads vs. Targeted and Relevant Ads

Here are some illustrations of Ad & Promotion Impressions Distribution in a travel booking site, where we can see how CTR is low when ads are rotating randomly with various offers, regardless of the individual visitor demographics and interests, versus targeted and relevant ads with Personyze that are based on the visitor individual demographics and interests, which get much better results.

In this example illustration of the Ads Impressions Distribution without Personyze, typically at least 80% of the visitors fail to convert when offered random Ads & Promotions:


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.28.41 AM

By contrast, this is the illustration of the Ads Impressions Distribution when served by Personyze:

By using some of the basic Personyze features like interest specific targeting, which serves ads highly relevant to individual visitors, for the same number of total impressions, the click-through rate is still 1%, but the number of actual interested clicks jumps to 5,500, because the number of relevant impressions is now higher, thanks to better ads matching by Personyze!


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.28.58 AM

No need to waste IT resources or possess any coding expertise.
To start using Personyze, simply start a free trial, and embed a short code on your site, today!


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