Personalization Questions
Personyze FAQ

Here you’ll find many answers to your questions about personalization, specifically regarding our platform and also about personalization more generally. 

Setup and Basic Functionality

Yes, it absolutely does not matter in any way whatsoever what platform you use, Personyze simply works with all of them. You just add the tracking code, and it works. If your website loads in a browser, then Personyze can personalize it, guaranteed.

Personyze has advanced, lightweight SDKs for iOS and Android, enabling brands to deliver in-app personalizations.

Integrating Personyze with your site is extremely easy, and takes roughly 5 minutes or less. It consists of the following 3 steps:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Tell Personyze the domains and sub-domains you want it to track.
  3. Paste the provided tracking code in either the master page of your website, or tag manager.

Once completed, Personyze is active on your site.

Personyze has advanced, lightweight SDKs for iOS and Android, enabling flixble integration into your app for in-app personalizations.

Yes, simply go to Account Settings > General > Tracker Settings, and add your subdomains. Also, if the website you wish to track is a subdomain and you do not own the parent domain, the answer is also yes. Basically, you can track any domain

Yes, simply go to Account Settings > General > Tracker Settings and activate Single Page Application Tracking


We have a separate tag manager code, which can be found in the interface at Account Settings > General > Tracker Settings. It is the code you are shown by default. 

Don’t use the tag manager code in the header, or vice versa, as this can cause issues with your site performance.

Using Personyze

If you want a comprehensive personalization solution with stellar support, optional campaign building services, and every targeting and personalization tool you could ever need.



Personyze’s offering is too robust to fully describe here, however it can be broadly summarized as the following:
  • Targeting: Personyze’s targeting engine can use 70+ data variables in a rule-based targeting logic to show only specific segments of visitors certain content on the site, ranging from popups and banners to forms, recommendations, or even site edits. Personyze has the tools to change the website in just about any way you can imagine for these segments. 
  • Recommendations: Use the power of AI to create display widgets that show visitors the products or content that they are most interested in seeing, by combining individual browsing history and crowd data to determine their interests and show the content or products according to an algorithm of your choosing, embedded anywhere in your site, emails, or app, or even shown as a popup. 
  • Email: Personyze can both broadcast email with smart workflow and drip functionality, or integrate with third party email providers, either way the primary value offered is in recommendations and targeted emails. You can both embed our recommendations into the content of your emails, and trigger emails based on behaviors identified with our targeting engine, complete with user variables like name or company that can be included in the email. 
  • Apps: With Personyze SDK and API, you are able to integrate our solution into your app to do most of the same things that you can do on the website, ultimately, with some limitations; the main difference is that the displays will need to exist in your app (built with our SDK). 

You can have the basic functionality of Personyze live on your site in five minutes or less. Once the tracking code is active on your site, Personyze is capable of doing everything that is included in your account type, the rest is just a matter of setting up the campaigns. Most people can have a basic campaign, such as a popup, ready to QA and publish live within an hour or two; if you use one of our templates and only require minimal changes, it may only take a few minutes. It all depends on how complex the campaign settings and design are. 

With our white glove built-for-you service included in every package, you will have campaigns live within a few days of signing up, without spending any of your own time building them.

Personyze’s tiered packages have different levels of support; all packages include basic email, chat, and phone support, and the highest levels include white glove service where the client need not necessarily ever touch the system at all.

  1. Target – Add a set of rules to define the segment of visitors for whom the personalization will be applied; for example, visitors from London that have been to the website in the past and have over 5 page views in their current session. If you can say it in a sentence, then you can target them with Personyze.
  2. Action – Select the personalization actions you want this defined segment to see; for example, change the title of the page, replace all occurrences of a specific word, insert a new popup or banner, change the style of the page, etc.
  3. QA – This can consist of trying your campaign out in the simulator, publishing it in testing mode and seeing it live on the site (limited only to your IP), and/or creating a testing link which can be shared with your colleagues.

That’s it! Once you publish the campaign live, visitors will immediately start seeing it on your site.

Yes, every piece of content you deploy using Personyze is customizable, and can be designed to fit your branding and the look and feel of your site. No Personyze label is required on any piece of content.

Personyze offers the highest level of safety for your data as well as availability and scalability, which guarantees that your data is safe, and that Personyze will always be functional and able to cope with sudden increments in your website’s traffic.

We use powerful content distribution network (CDN) to deliver your content quickly and securely. We have several fallback systems that ensure that your site never experiences a delay, even if our 0.01% chance of server failure happens. The servers and your site-code are completely separated and independent. As to question about whether we can handle your load, the answer is “yes.” 

The guaranteed availability of the platform is 99.99%.


When you broadcast emails from Personyze’s system, we use Amazon SES to send the emails from your own address. This is simple to set up, and just requires a verification email. If you go with this option, there are a certain amount of emails included in your package, beyond which there is an additional charge. You can also set up your own Amazon SES account and connect it to Personyze, in which case there is no charge however many emails you send.

You can also integrate Personyze into your third-party email solution, if you do not want to broadcast from our system. This involves setting up Webhooks to trigger emails and send information to your provider, as well as using our embed code if you wish to embed our recommendations into your third-party emails.

Our platform was built with extreme scalability capabilities in mind.

Since Personyze’s platform is located on Amazon’s cloud, Personyze can support any website that the Internet can support.

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us.

Yes, Personyze content such as popups and forms are simply HTML/CSS designs, so they can look like literally anything that you might see on a given webpage. The customization tools allow you to take our responsive templates and adjust them to your preferences, and you can also grab existing CSS settings and add them to existing content to expedite the process. You can also directly edit the HTML.

Data and Compatibility

Personyze is an automation hub where your data turns into personalization actions. This includes 70+ visitor metrics, which can be broadly categorized into:

  • IP Intelligence
    • Includes geo-location from continent to city, and weather forecast variables.
  • Referral
    • Origin of visit such as website, ad campaign, search keyword, and more.
  • Behavior
    • Includes pages visited, pages not visited, landing page, time on site, most popular page(s), mouse hover, and more. Virtually any behavior that is technically available from a user’s session is available for targeting.
  • Third-Party Integrated
    • Can include social (Facebook) data, CRM or similar data (which can include any data variable you may have there), and any other outside/offline data that can be uploaded as a spreadsheet or feed. 
  • Dynamic/Grabbed Data
    • This is data which you set Personyze to track and extract from containers on your website; this can be visually displayed text or numbers such as cart value, or variables hidden as URL variables, cookies, metatags, or hidden divs. 
  • Ranked Interests
    • If you use our product and/or content recommendations, then Personyze will be set to track visitor’s interactions with your products/content, and the system will keep a ranked set of interests based on those interactions.

Personyze can integrate with many other platforms and solutions, including third-party email providers, analytic solutions, any CMS platform, ecommerce platforms, CRM & similar data warehouses, Facebook, and Hubspot. 

For data, if it can be exported or synchronized in a spreadsheet or feed, Personyze can use it. If it has API or webhook support, Personyze can integrate with it. 

Many popular platforms have built-in, turn-key integration with Personyze, such as Hubspot, Segment, Salesforce, and others.



Yes, Personyze is by default integrated with Google Analytics, and most other analytic solutions are compatible with it. Personyze also includes its own detailed analytics system, as well.

Any data collected by Personyze is kept 100% secure and private. Your information is not used for any purpose other than the analysis, personalization and optimization of your website.

We will not share your information with any third party for any purpose.

Yes, Personyze has a GDPR Compliant setting, which you can turn on in your account settings. You can read more about Personyze GDPR compliances here.

Yes, offline data, just like any other type of external data in Personyze, simply has to be available in the form of an upload or a synchronizable feed such as RSS.

Pricing and Services

With monthly packages, yes: Personyze’s monthly packages are completely flexible, and you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.

Yes, Personyze does collaborate with partners, including consultants for web analytics and online marketing, agencies, referrers, platforms, and more. To discuss the type of partnership you’re interested in further, contact

Personyze includes a certain number of page views in the free trial, and in each package type. When you exceed your free trial page views, you will be notified via email, and your account will be paused until you sign up for a package.

When you exceed the included page views in your paid package, an additional charge per quantity of page views will be added to your balance, as described in the package information here on the pricing page, under the package you chose.

When this happens, you will only be charged for the percentage of overage, for instance if the price for your package is $100 every additional 1M page views, and you only go 200k over, you will only be charged $20 extra.

Personyze allows clients to pay via credit card, wire transfer/invoice, and Paypal. If you want an invoice from Personyze, you must specifically request it from

While Personyze does not typically use contracts except in unique partnership arrangements (other than the user agreement when you sign up), we will sign a mutual NDA with any client who deems it necessary.

We have been in business since 2008, and of course in that time the platform has evolved a great deal.

Page Views is the number of pages viewed (pages that Personyze code is installed) during a visitor session on your site. This is different from your website’s total unique site visitors. For example, if your total monthly traffic is 300,000 unique visitors, and you run Personyze on all category pages of your site, if those visitors on average view 3 pages during their visit, this will result in 900,000 Page Views.

If you only use Personyze on your website then only actual page views will be charged as page views, which should be equivalent to the page views you see in Google Analytics (unless you have limited the Personyze code to only show on some pages). However, it’s important to also understand that what a page view really is is a call to our servers to find out what personalized content to show a given user. So, that means that views of emails with embedded recommendations are also considered page views, and also if you use Personyze in your app(s), every time Personyze is queried to find out what content to show a given user, this is also considered a page view, or if you are using our API for any other purpose, the same principle applies, anytime our system is queried to determine content to show, this is also a “page view” in terms of pricing. This is because the server resources required for all of these things are equivalent.

Personalization campaigns are visual changes for a specific Audience on a specific page, or set of pages, to match the content to the persuasion flow or user flow. 

One example of Personalization campaigns might be to offer people in Mexico on a Spanish browser a small Spanish text allowing them to self-redirect to the Spanish version of your site, and then show them recommendations for content or products bought recently from their city.

Yes. We offer cross-domain functions for goal tracking, testing, and targeting, and we offer all this out-of-the-box. We will support any number of websites.

Yes, we offer an affordable and scalable model for marketing agencies, to learn more please schedule a meeting with us

There are two types of emails with Personyze: 

  1. Emails broadcasted directly from our system, via Amazon SES

    For these, a certain number are included in every account, and if you go over, there is an overage charge. 

  2. Embedded recommendations added to your existing emails via the Get Code recommendations

    For these, each view of an embedded email recommendation is considered a page view, so that views of these recommendations in your emails count towards the page views in your account, and if they go over, will be charged according to your package’s page view overage rate. 

Every time Personyze is queried by your API and returns a recommendation or other response, utilizing our server resources to produce an outcome, this is considered a page view in our pricing system. 

Let’s talk about how to wow your customer with targeted content based on on-site behavioral CRM role, industry, account type Location and Weather Ad campaign referral data to personalize and optimize experiences across channels.