A/B Testing with Surgical Precision

Conduct data-driven marketing using powerful segment-based A/B testing for landing pages, personalized content, promotions, and emails to ensure maximum conversion

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Test Anything and Everything

Virtually every aspect of your online presence can be A/B tested with Personyze. Our 20+ codeless and intuitive content widgets allow you to test new design ideas with the WYSIWYG Editor, new promotions using our Banner & Popup Builder, different recommendation algorithms, and re-marketing emails. Leave no stone unturned, as you utilize empirical methods to verify that your strategy is the most optimal for your key metrics and ROI.

Test Anything and Everything

Precision Testing Made Simple

Achieve a greater precision, avoid data pollution, and reduce necessary testing time by using our laser-focused segmentation engine to test targeted groups of visitors, based on their CRM data, on-site behavior, product and content interactions, social data, and more. Use various rotations between testing versions, and create control groups for accuracy. Test rapidly on the same test group over and over again, until you reach perfection.

Precision Testing Made Simple

Detailed Performance Analytics

Personyze A/B testing will collect and display many analytics internally and report to Google Analytics by default, but you can also set custom metrics across your site to be tracked and compared for testing. Use the KPIs that make the most sense for your business model and strategy, and tell Personyze what to track. Set Personyze to automatically shut down losing campaigns after a period of time has passed, or certain statistical significance has been achieved.

Detailed Performance Analytics

Implement Personalization Easily on Any Site

Personyze is built for marketers and other non-technical professionals. Our interface includes numerous tools and guides to simplify the inherent complexity of personalization. You can sign up and have at least one campaign active by day’s end.

Implement Personalization Easily on Any Site
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Works on any site, regardless of platform.
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Everything is testable
content, promotions, recommendations, & emails  

Integrates with Anything

Any CMS, CRM, ecommerce platform, third-party email provider, product management system, or analytics system. Blind to platform, compatible with all data. We’ve designed Personyze to work on any site, with any stack.

Test Every Assumption

Never hang your success on a guess, Personyze allows you to test every single action you take in our system, at a granular, precision level, with a simple interface, and powerful tools. Precision testing made easy, for non-tech professionals.

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