Personalized Email Marketing

With our AI generated recommendations and customer segmentation, you can send automated, personalized, and targeted emails which yield higher open rates, engagement, and conversions.

From abandoned cart reminders to cross-sale remarketing emails and everything in-between, with Personyze you can send automated and targeted email sequences with dynamic recommendations included.


customer segmentation & dynamic content

Trigger email drip campaigns based on 70+ user attributes. Show only products or content which each visitor is most likely to be interested in, based on individual interests, as well as crowd wisdom gleaned from other visitors.

Automated Workflows & Smart Triggers

Create sophisticated follow-up by combining site triggers such as time since last visit, cart abandonment, weather conditions, or actions such as emails clicked or form submitted, and logic to create complex workflows.

Drip Campaigns with Smart Deliverability

With Personyze, you can auto-optimize your deliverability, and pick the perfect time to reach as many contacts as possible based on their time zones and past email interactions. Set specific targeting criteria and limitations to optimize for engagement.

Integrate Your Data & Put It to Work

Synchronize your data automatically, or upload your user email lists, CRM data, and product catalog. Connect your CRM solution using easy integration, webhooks, and our robust API.

Personal & Relevant Emails
with Dynamic Content

The more closely a message aligns with the interests of your contacts, the better it will perform. Personyze’s dynamic email content capabilities include AI-generated product/content recommendations, and inserting personalization tags, such as user’s first name or account balance, or any other custom user data.

Wishlist items that recently changed price or are low in stock

Displays items in a wishlist that have changed price or are running low in stock since the visitor last visited the site, in an email.

Cart Abandonment email

Items that were left in cart when the last session ended.

Cross-sale items for most recent purchase

Displays items most frequently bought together with items recently bought, ideal for emails sent immediately after a purchase.

Recommended for You

This recommendation displays a combination of products the visitor is likely to buy or view, based on what other visitors with similar demographics and product interactions bought or viewed (machine learning).

Recently discounted, from your viewing & cart history

Displays items recently lowered in price, based on visitor’s View/Add to Cart history, filtered by a minimum discount.

Personalization Tags

Every custom field you create (user industry, account type, etc.) becomes a personalization tag. This means you can include visitor’s name in the title of their recommendations.

remarketing email recommendationsremarketing email recommendations

Left: John is interested in Samsung electronics, camping gear, technology, and nootropics.
Right: Jessica is interested in children’s toys, yoga supplies, self-help books, and kitchen supplies.

remarketing email recommendations

Email Content & Product Recommendations

Send emails that show only those products or content which each visitor is most likely to be interested in, based on individual ranked visitor interests and demographics, as well as crowd wisdom extracted from other traffic on your site.

Most commented of the week based on your interests

Displays content from the visitor’s interests that have been most commented from the past week.

Content recommended for you published since last visit

This recommendation displays a combination of content recently published after the visitor’s last visit, which they are likely to view, based on how other visitors with similar demographics interacted with it.

Most popular content from visitor’s gender/age groups

Displays content most read by other visitors within the visitor’s gender/age group.

Most popular new content from visitor’s favorite author

Displays the most popular recently published content from the visitor’s favorite author.

Visitors Who Read This Also Read These

Displays content which were frequently viewed by those who viewed the content last viewed by the visitor.

Align Email & Site Content

Create a unique funnel through your site for every visitor who landed from a certain email. Don’t stop with personalized emails, create a seamless experience by personalizing the site based on which email they arrived from, and showing special offers or personalized content.

newsletter exit popup

Integrate Your Existing Email Lists & Keep Them Growing

Create lead forms to collect emails on the site, or grab the email anywhere it’s displayed on your pages. Upload user emails, or use our API to synchronize with your lists.

Grab emails from the site

Grab users’ emails from wherever they are displayed on your pages, in cookies, or URL variables. This includes from login or lead form fields, or login cookies.

Smart Lead Forms

Grow your email list with targeted calls-to-action and smart forms to collect emails on the site. Deploy forms with personalized content based on 70+ user variables.

Integrate CRM Data for a 360° Customer View

Upload user email lists and CRM data, or setup a dynamic user feed which can be synchronized automatically to connect your CRM solution using out-of-the-box integration, Webhooks, and our robust email marketing API.

Easy Integration & Full Control of Your Email Reputation

Our step-by-step wizards guide you through the process of creating an email campaign, using industry best practice responsive templates to make the process even easier.

Flexible Sending Options

Broadcast from your Amazon SES or any SMTP account for full control over your email reputation, or use an account we provide, which will still use your address.

Embed into your existing outgoing emails

Using our embed code, you can add our recommendations to your existing outgoing emails. You can even use web-hooks to trigger them based on behaviors.

Track Your Success in Real Time

Get a comprehensive view on email performance, with metrics such as open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, reply rate, campaign revenue, and after-click site conversions. See campaign performance in Google Analytics with one-click integration.

Email split testing

Find the exact content, layout, and settings your subscribers respond to, by testing all variables, such as sender information, subject line, or recommendation algorithm type. Pick the winner manually or have it automatically deployed.

Real-time alert when a VIP client opens an email

Personyze can send your team a real-time alert at the moment a customer opens the email you’ve sent.

Get recommendations via API

Using our JSON API, your application can query for recommendations and targeted promotions for a given email address or user ID. This allows two-way API integration with our system.

With Personyze, our teams around the globe can now deliver new targeted promotions and messages within hours instead of weeks. Moreover, our local marketing teams around the world are empowered to manage their own marketing campaigns without the involvement of our core development team!

Trey Ogier
Trey Ogier

We use Personzye for clients from the financial industry to deliver a personalized experience with content and calls to action which are aligned with visitors’ interest and location. The managed service team was very helpful in the implementation with some of our more complex use cases.

Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain
Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain

Leverage the Power of

Personalization & Marketing Automation

Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page. This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful recommendations, this is easy to set up on your website.