Personyze Remarketing Emails

Keep It Relevant and Personal

Personalized and targeted emails with relevant messaging consistently increase engagement, CTR, and conversion. Our emails include AI-generated product/content recommendations, as well as powerful targeting and automation features. Sending targeted emails also allows you to maintain your email reputation, by increasing open and click rates.


Collect or Upload Email Addresses

Personyze can be used to create lead forms to collect emails on the site, or can grab the email anywhere it’s displayed on your pages, in cookies, or URL variables. On the other hand, you can simply upload user emails in the form of email lists, and CRM data.


Send It Any Way You Like


Personyze’s hybrid system has 3 primary ways of sending emails to your site visitors:

  1. Broadcast personalized emails directly from our system
  2. Embed our AI generated recommendations and marketing messages into your existing third party & transactional emails, using embed code.
  3. Trigger emails and other workflow on your favorite marketing automation tools, including email automation, SMS, & remarketing ads, based on rich user data profiles and behavioral segmentation.


Keep Your Finger On the Pulse

Get a comprehensive view on email performance, with metrics such as open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, reply rate, campaign revenue, and after-click site conversions. Conduct A/B testing on the fly, and set triggers for performance alerts to your team to maximize your broadcast effectiveness.


Align Email & Site Content

Don’t stop with personalized emails, also personalize the site based on the email they arrived from, and show special offers or personalized content for a seamless experience. Create a unique funnel through your site, for every visitor who landed from a certain email.

With our easy-to-use system, you can build your first re-marketing email campaign, and have it live within a matter of hours or days. Why keep sending static emails, when dynamic messages powered by AI generated recommendations are at your fingertips?