Personalized Push Notifications

Automatically trigger push notifications based on the customer’s lifecycle events. Whether it’s reminding them about items left in their cart, price discounts on items they want, new posts from their favorite author, or even to win back inactive customers with an offer they can’t refuse.

Algorithmic push notifications

Leverage Personyze's powerful recommendation engine in your push notifications. Recommend products your visitors will want to buy and content they love to read, by leveraging multiple AI algorithms, crowd wisdom, and unique visitor characteristics and interests for a highly personal experience.

Personalized notification opt-in popups/forms

Provide your site visitors with a personally relevant incentive to sign up for push notifications, or a targeted message based on their interest segment, to increase their likelihood of subscribing. Utilize all the first-party data available on your site, such as behaviors and form inputs, as well as CRM and other third-party data to drive your subscribe rates through the roof.

Push notifications that make full use of your data

Send notification content based on multiple data sources like behavior, demographics, location, CRM data, referral, weather, social profile, product transactions, and more. Every online business has more data than they are currently utilizing, and push notifications are one more way that Personyze can help you to make full use of yours.

Easy onboarding of personalization data

Synchronize your CRM data, third-party data, email lists, products and content, all using dynamic feeds, SFTP, web-hooks, API, or one-time file uploads. On top of that, Personyze will gather a wide variety of additional data, and you can set it to track things like form or search box inputs.

Push notifications with personalized product/content recommendations

Powerful AI-based recommendations from Personyze aren’t just for your website, emails, and apps. With push notifications, you can send recommended content or products straight to your customers’ devices to drive massive engagement and return visits.

Synchronize your data automatically, or upload your user email lists, CRM data, and product and content catalog. Connect your CRM solution using easy integration, webhooks, feeds, or our robust API.

In cases where you may not have a product or content feed on hand, we’ll set our crawler to build the feed automatically from your site with a contextual engine to dynamically create interest tags.

Visually set Personyze to grab/scrape values directly from your site in real time, including form inputs, search boxes, cart value, and email addresses anywhere they’re displayed on your pages, in cookies, or in URL variables.

Now on sale from past interests/left in cart
This recommendation shows the visitor items that have recently changed in price, based on what they previously interacted with or left in their cart. 

Cart abandonment 
This type of recommendation reminds the visitor of items they left in their cart or recommends similar items, via push notifications.

Time to resupply
This recommendation type reminds the visitor to re-stock or refill products, and can be sent at intervals determined by you.

Most recommended for you
This recommendation uses machine learning to detect patterns in the crowd data, and will show the visitor what they’re most likely to be interested in based on their characteristics. 

Cross-sell based on last purchase
This recommendation suggests items which other visitors who made the same purchase as the current purchase also bought, or items which have a cross-sale association in the catalog with the visitor’s most recent purchase. 

Newly listed items/accessories for you
This notification recommendation will suggest items to the visitor that have been newly added, which go together with items previously purchased or are a part of the visitor’s favorite interest. 

If a user has left something in their cart, you can send them a push message at a time interval of your choice, saying: “Hey, you forgot something!” You can set Personyze to send multiple notifications like this over time, much like an email drip campaign, and in later notifications you can recommend similar items, rather than those they already added to cart. 

Segmentation and timing with push updates and promotions

Use targeting to let users know about special offers and promotions that are relevant to them, the latest blog from their favorite author or topic, new products from their top interest, and much more.

You can segment users based on their drop-off at different points during the sign-up process. Sometimes a user goes through, say, two of the three steps to actually sign up for your notifications, but doesn’t opt-in for location-based pushes. You can use a targeted push campaign to bring them back to opt-in for geotargeted push notifications at a later date. 

Create a seamless experience from push notification to your website, by orchestrating your personalization across channels. The visitor’s experience on your website and emails can be informed by which push notifications they’ve received, and clicked.

There are a variety of use cases for sending personalized promotions and special offers via push notifications. Here are just a few.

  • Remarketing – For customers who haven’t been on the site in a while, send a notification that they’ve been given a coupon.
  • B2B – If a lead recently spent a lot of time on your site in pages related to a particular type of service you offer, send a prompt for them to download your white paper or case studies related to that service.
  • Content – If you offer a premium membership, send users who only visited your site once or twice a free trial.
  • Flash Sale – Notify customers of a flash sale via push, so they don’t have to come to the site or see their email to know about it.
  • Recurring Buy Reminders – If you sell a product that needs periodic replacement or renewal, send a push notification to remind customers to do so at the appropriate interval.
  • Account Upgrade Offers – If you have various account types or tiers, send a special offer to upgrade at no additional cost for the first month, to those whose data profile indicates they might be interested in an upgrade.

Notify customers that an item they added to cart is almost out of stock, or that a flight they were looking at is almost booked up, and similar use cases.

If you can describe it, you can target it.

Send targeted push notifications based on 70+ user attributes, including visitors’ real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, CRM data, referral, weather, social data, session dynamic data such as cart value, internal search, form input, custom KPIs, and more.

Enhance targeting by integrating your available data from other sources, using API or user feed synchronization, to target based on any data you have in your database.

By default, Personyze is automatically tracking 70+ user attributes from the user’s session, these include virtually any trackable behavior, such as their location derived from IP, weather at that location, and other details like URL variables and cookies.

Current session or cart data
Personyze is able to “grab” or scrape data from any tracked page element on the site, such as a search bar, login field, or current cart value, and show specific targeted content based on this data.

Referral or traffic sources
Targeted content can also be shown based on the source of the visitor’s referral, such as Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook ad campaigns, or referring websites.

Most popular interests
Show targeted content based on the visitor’s most visited pages, as well as their ranked interests from product/content interactions.

Geo location and zip code
You can include or exclude visitors from various cities, regions, and countries in your campaigns, as well as based on aspects of their weather such as temperature and precipitation. Note that the visitor must have been on the site for you to know their location, and send any location-based push notifications.

Companies and organizations
Personyze is able to reference a registry of IP addresses which are associated with various companies, allowing you to show specific messages to visitors browsing from computers/networks associated with specific companies.

CRM data
By uploading or synchronizing your CRM data, you can utilize any custom data point you can imagine for targeting, including industry, company name, position in funnel, account type, etc. If you have it in your external database, Personyze can use it for targeting. 

You can show specific content to visitors with certain system characteristics, such as based on desktop vs. mobile, browser type, or browser language.

Site behavior
Utilize various behaviors on the site to identify a visitor’s interests and target them with personalized content, including most popular page, whether or not they visited a list of pages, or the time that they entered the site, among many more.

To go beyond the extensive data included with Personyze’s tracking, you can integrate virtually any data you may have, whether from CRM, physical stores, customer care or sales centers, ABM data from third-party vendors, etc. Many popular platforms such as Hubspot and Salesforce have turnkey integrations with Personyze.

API and Integerations

Integrates with any platform for a global data profile, and maximum relevance of your notifications.

Even easier plug-and-play integrations with popular platforms, such as Segment, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.

Personalization Widgets

We provide templates with various designs, from pure text to recommendation notifications.

Personyze comes with many responsive templates for popups, sliders, countdowns, banners, recommendation displays, forms, and more.

A/B testing and detailed analytics

Personyze has A/B testing as a built-in option, and push notifications are no different.

Use testing tools to make campaigns live only for you, your colleagues, or use the simulator to troubleshoot.

CRM and User Data

Utilize the data you already have, by integrating CRM data with Personyze, and grab new data from their sessions.

Your CRM is a treasure trove of data for marketing, and when plugged into our personalization engine, becomes a powerful asset.

White Glove Service

Managed Service is included, you can rely on us to help you get started with your push notifications.

With our white glove service, you will have campaigns built by us live on your site within your first week, so you start seeing results even when you're still getting the hang of it.

Personalization Dashboard

A detailed dashboard with completely customizable KPI tracking.

Tracking views, impressions, clicks, and purchases, plus reporting to Google Analytics by default. You can set custom KPIs to track any behavior.

Personalized push notifications made easy.

We set out to build a comprehensive personalization platform, and that is what we offer: everything you need to optimize and improve user experience across channels using personalization technology. 

Let’s talk about how you can build extraordinary personalized digital experiences using a single platform.