Dynamic Landing Pages

Build dynamic, personalized landing pages around each visitor, to present the right message based on visitor demographics, keywords searched, referring campaign, CRM variables like industry or role in their company, and more.

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A Personalized Landing Page for Each Visitor

Instead of creating numerous landing pages for different segments, Personyze empowers you to make a single landing page that is dynamically adaptive to each visitor in real-time, using a comprehensive visitor profile from multiple data sources and an array of personalization tools. With dynamic recommendations, targeted pop-up promotions, a visual editor for content and style, A/B testing, and much more, you can create highly converting landing pages tailored around each visitor automatically.

Personalize Landing Pages in Any Way Imaginable

Personyze is packed with powerful tools like the WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor, which allows you to make visual edits per segment, or the Form Creator, which allows you to insert new forms either embedded in the page, or even as an exit popup to capture leads before they bounce. You can even include individual or company names in your content, and A/B testing is built in, so you can always be sure the action you’re taking is the most effective strategy.

Detailed Landing Page Performance Analytics

Personyze will collect and display many analytics metrics internally, and report to Google Analytics by default, but you can also set custom metrics across your site to be tracked and compared for testing. Use the KPIs that make the most sense for your business model and strategy, and tell Personyze what to track. When A/B testing, tell Personyze to automatically shut down losing campaigns after a period of time.

User Dynamic variables

Print user dynamic variables into your content (Keywords, City, Time, Referrer, account balance, Etc). Greet your visitors with appealing marketing messages that address them by name! Can you imagine the impact? You can initiate a one-on-one conversation with a prospective customer, through a simple asset like a landing page.

Make an Impression with Optimized Landing Pages

Optimized dynamic landing pages created with Personyze are the antidote to a lack of engagement and interest. By using detailed user data from a variety of sources combined with a variety of powerful personalization tools, you can create relevant messaging and engaging content for each visitor without multiple landing pages. Put your insights to work, improving user experience and maximizing conversion.

Leverage the Power of
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Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple

Personyze’s step-by-step wizards guide you through various use cases, simplifying the inherent complexity of personalization, and making it easy for marketers like you.

Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple
Dynamic Landing Page, Made Simple