About the Company

How we came to offer the most advanced SaaS platform in the market for real-time Visitor Segmentation and Website Personalization.

Personyze was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in web analysis and advertising, who realized that websites should be able to offer their visitors an experience that is significantly more personal and relevant to their needs. When the software was built, the founders soon saw that websites who use Personyze see a dramatic improvement in their engagement with online visitors, while also increasing retention and conversion rates. Since that time, Personyze has provided over 3,000 clients with affordable, superior personalized online marketing, and has continuously upgraded and added new features to help you reach conversion success!

Making Your Customers Happy!

Personyze aims to provide an unprecedented website-per-person experience, which is as personal and engaging as possible.

Our real job at Personyze is to make visitors to your site happy. Happy visitors are more likely to become loyal customers who will spread the word about your website and become your best advertisers. Such visitors will also spend more on your site, and increase your bottom-line results. We do this by putting the tools in your hands to codelessly change and create personalized pages on your website, to make each of your visitors feel like the site was designed just for them. Why does Personyze make visitors get so much more enjoyment from your site?

We live in the information age, and we are all saturated in it. There is more to read, see, and buy online than any of us could ever do in a lifetime. This is why so many of the greatest innovations in internet technology, from search engines to social media, have involved sorting information to show people what they want to see; the more time and effort you save the consumer, the more value you create, and the more likely they are to enjoy your site, and/or purchase your products.

The newest wave of that trend is none other than the very service we provide: Personalization.

Personalization is the wave of the future, don’t be a straggler that waits to implement it on your site only when you absolutely have to. Start giving your visitors a personalized experience, today.

What Does Personyze Do?

Personyze is a suite of tools with a focus on advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities suitable for any website, and accessible to any non-technical professional.

Personyze enhances visitor experience, improves advertising ROI, and increases average order values, all while operating as a Saas (Software as a Service) within the Amazon cloud, which ensures superb reliability and scalability of the service to suit your business needs, under several affordable price plans, and requiring no special coding or IT knowledge.

Dynamic Website Personalization

The powerful personalization engine we provide allows you to create a dynamically transforming website, that shows each visitor a version of the page that they want to see, including targeted messages, tailored promotions, personalized content, and algorithmic video, content, and product recommendations, all using artificial intelligence and segmentation. Omnichannel personalization means that you can personalize not just your website, but emails and other platforms, as well.

Comprehensive Personalized Marketing

Personyze is a comprehensive solution, which means that it includes many features which eliminate the need for other, third-party providers. For instance, the built-in A/B testing function in Personyze allows you to run sophisticated A/B, multivariate, and control group testing all from within our platform. Our built in analytics will help you track KPIs across channels, so that you can track the performance of promotions or other elements even outside of your website, such as in emails.

Integrates with Other Services

Personyze also interfaces smoothly with those third-party providers it doesn’t replace. Our powerful CRM integration allows you to take valuable customer data from your CRM DB and include it as segmentation parameters, to personalize based on data points that would be otherwise unavailable from default methods like behavioral tracking, and to feed data back to your CRM as well. We also interface smoothly with third-party email providers, and Google Analytics.

Want to know more? Feel free to explore our site, where we have included tons of useful info. We would also love to schedule a free demo, so we can show you around the platform, ourselves!

Built for Marketers, Not for Programmers

Personyze operates with an easy-to-use dashboard interface, which doesn’t require IT involvement. Made to be accessible to marketers and other non-technical professionals, if you can describe it with words, you can do it with Personyze.

Our cloud-based, SaaS personalization solution has been on the market for 8 years, and has continually evolved and upgraded to be more intuitive, more effective, and more comprehensive. Personyze is your total personalization solution.


Audience Targeting and Customer Segmentation is Achieved with a Simple, Rules-based Logic.

There are over 72 audience parameters for segmentation in Personyze, including on-site behavior, search keyword referral, visitor IP’s industry association, visitor’s location, current weather, custom CRM parameters, and many more. Personyze’s versatile targeting system allows you to get as general as entire countries, or as specific as a single person.

Take Action: Dynamically change and add to your site, based on your visitor segmentation.

Create customizable widgets, insert promotional banners, pop-ups, custom javascript, sliders, countdowns, social media integration, product/content recommendations, and many more unique and customized elements. Also make changes to your page, drag and drop, delete, duplicate, re-write, and alter any page element, with the WYSIWYG editor.



Integrating Personyze with your site is as simple as injecting a short piece of tracking code on all the pages that you want to be personalized, that’s all there is to it!


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.46.01 PM

Once campaigns are completed and go live, you will see real-time statistics built into the interface itself, for data-driven intelligence of what strategies are working, and what isn’t. Personyze built-in analytics makes smart marketing simple.


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