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About the Company

Personyze offers the most advanced SaaS platform in the market for real-time Visitor Segmentation and Website Personalization. Personyze was founded in 2008 by a group of entrepreneurs with experience in web analysis and advertising, who realized that websites should be able to offer their visitors an experience that is significantly more personal and relevant to their needs. Websites who use Personyze see a dramatic improvement in their engagement with online visitors, while also increasing retention and conversion rates.


Making Your Customers Happy!

Personyze’s main aim is to provide an unprecedented experience for website visitors which is as personal and engaging as possible.

A true website-per-person experience.

Happy visitors are more likely to become loyal customers who will spread the word about your website and become your best advertisers. Such visitors will also spend more on your site, and increase your bottom-line results.

What Does Personyze Do?

Personyze is a suite of tools with a focus on advanced segmentation and personalization capabilities suitable for any website.

Personyze enhances visitor experience, improves advertising ROI, and increases average order values.

Personyze operates as a Saas (Software as a Service) within the Amazon cloud, which ensures superb reliability and scalability of the service to suit your business needs.