The following is an example of how to set an exit popup to prevent cart abandonment to only display if someone has over $100 in their cart, such as to offer a coupon or free shipping or discount.


After going to create a new campaign in the Personyze interface, and selecting the Targeting and Personalization wizard, the following steps are required:  
  1. Targeting

    1. Other Targeting Rules – In addition to the primary cart value targeting rule, we can also set the popup to show only for those in certain locations, for instance. An example would be to show only visitors near distribution centers a free shipping offer. If you have DCs in Chicago, Dallas, LA, and New York, you might include only visitor’s from those states.  
    2. Cart Value Targeting – Go to the rule “Ecommerce” and select cart value. If we have not set Personyze to track cart value before, we may be prompted to use the simulator to open the site and select where cart value can be found, for tracking. Then, we set the variable of cart value to be >$100.
  2. Content/Design

    1. Select Template and Customize – Personyze includes many popup templates to start with, or if you already have a design you can insert it’s HTML. Use the editing tools at the left to intuitively shape the popup to your exact specifications.
    2. Display as Popup – In the display type setting, we’ll select Popup, and usually in the case of an exit popup, we will choose for it to display in the center of the page, for maximum attention.
    3. Animation – For the animation, on an exit popup it is advisable to choose the glass panel option, which makes all the rest of the window dark, thereby drawing even more attention to the popup.
    4. Display on Exit Intent – For the Trigger option, we will select to Display On Predicted Site Leave Intent. This means it will show when the visitor shows signs of bouncing.
    5. Limitations – To avoid annoying the visitor, for the final setting we can limit the popup to not show after it has been viewed, clicked, or closed X number of times.
    6. Test and Launch – Once the popup is complete, its just a matter of testing it, and then publishing it live to your site, once you’re satisfied.

About Exit Intent

Exit intent prediction technology uses real-time visitor behavior to determine if they are likely to be trying to leave the site. On a desktop browser, this is when the cursor goes up to the URL bar and/or the browser buttons. On mobile, it’s when the visitor clicks the open-all button, or selects back.

Did You Know?

Personyze’s exit popups can also be highly personalized, whether for individual segments, or to the point of actually inputting the person’s name as a variable, or even including dynamically generated product or content recommendations in the popup. Also, exit popups as well as all other Personyze templates are responsive by default, so no worries about creating separate popups for mobile vs. desktop.