Codeless Banner and Pop-up Personalization

Personyze’s audience-based Banner Manager allows you to display different banners and pop-ups based on each visitor’s interests and profile, without programming and without making any changes to your site’s HTML code.

With complete control of Design, Timing, Rotation, and Banner Location on the page, you can deliver the right banners & pop-ups to the right visitor, at the right time, to dramatically improve CTR and Conversion rates.


Personyze can automatically test which banners are the best for your visitor, and rotate banners based on your instructions.

Smart Targeting

Personyze displays the appropriate banners every time a page is viewed, based on each visitor’s demographic characteristics, which can include their Facebook profile, keywords searched, browsing history, products viewed, page events and behavior in the website.

Dashboard Reports

Personyze monitors every banner impression and click-through event, and will generate full banner statistics reports for you and your advertisers.

Personyze banner and popup manager makes it easy to create  and manage promotional content on your site. Banners and popups are able to be place in a variety of locations on a page, and placeholders can be used across pages and page templates. Pop-ups have the ability to appear under a variety of circumstances, including upon site leave intent.

Simple Banner/Popup Management

Personyze makes the personalization of banners and pop-ups incredibly easy, and this is a great way of delivering custom promotions and CTAs to specific client segments. Without this tool, creating different promotions for different segments would be difficult, IT-intensive, and in many cases not feasible. Thank goodness there’s Personyze!

Full Control of Look, Design, and Behavior:

  • Displays your ads and banners in popups or embeds them into the page layout (No need for coding).

  • Most modern per-industry, predesigned responsive banners and popups

  • Use 70+ out-of-the-box targeting criteria to target banners and popups

  • Trigger popup & banners strategically, based on Visitor Behavior on the page, Exit Intent, Page Scroll, Page Clicks and Page Inactivity

  • Rotate banners and popups between visitors, or between page Timers, to display or to auto close banners & popups

  • Program to auto-run or stop on any set of dates

  • Don’t show banner & popups, based on visitor interaction with them, show/click/close (don’t show again when seen, clicked, etc.)

  • Insert a Dynamic Variable (Visitor name, City, Search Word, etc.) from the Variable Bank into the design, allowing even more personalized promotions.

  • All banners come from CDN for fast loading

Examples and Tips for Banner and Pop-up Personalization

Reduce the clutter on your pages with targeted promotions

Too many banners and pop-ups make a page seem messy, but sometimes websites still do this in order to maximize impressions of their promotions. The only reason to maximize promotions is that you don’t know what the visitor will be interested in, but Personyze does know. Therefore, it’s not as important to show a variety of impressions; instead, you can simplify your pages with just a few impressions, which are guaranteed to be relevant, and also will look much less cluttered.

For Example:

If Personyze identifies that a visitor arrived to the website after searching for “iPhone accessories”, it will show banners for relevant products, and will not use precious space on advertising another brand of smartphone in which the visitor will likely not be interested. When Personyze identifies a visitor located in Denver, it will show a “Free 24-hour delivery to your home in Denver” banner, that will likely receive more clicks than a generic banner.

More Examples of Banner and Pop-Up Personalization In Action:

Here are some illustrations of Ad & Promotion Impressions Distribution in a travel booking site, where we can see how CTR is low when ads are rotating randomly with various offers, regardless of the individual visitor demographics and interests. In this example illustration of the Ads Impressions Distribution without Personyze, typically at least 80% of the visitors fail to convert when offered random Ads & Promotions.


By contrast, this is the illustration of the Ads Impressions Distribution when served by Personyze:

By using some of the basic Personyze features like interest specific targeting, which serves ads highly relevant to individual visitors, for the same number of total impressions, the click-through rate is still 1%, but the number of actual interested clicks jumps to 5,500, because the number of relevant impressions is now higher, thanks to better ads matching by Personyze!


No need to waste IT resources or possess any coding expertise.

To start using Personyze, simply start a free trial, and embed a short code on your site, today!

Setting up banners or pop-ups in Personyze is easy, and achieved with a single content wizard.


Creating a banner or pop-up consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Insert Banner/Popup Wizard

  2. Either customize a default template banner or popup, or insert your own custom html

  3. Select where to show the content, either in a placeholder, popup, or top/bottom bar

  4. Additional settings, such as set to react to action’s performance, and how to limit when action is shown (i.e. don’t show action once seen, once clicked, etc.)


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 7.02.46 PM

That is essentially all there is to it. Placeholders can be selected from the page using an intuitive visual selector, and once created, can hold multiple banners of promotions. As with all other actions in Personyze, you can test your new creation in the simulator, before going live.

See Statistics and Analytics Built Into the Interface

Each Banner or Pop-up you create, like every other campaign action in Personyze, will be monitored by Personyze automatically for standard metrics such as clicks, impressions, and conversion rate, which are also conveniently displayed on the action itself, in the interface. You can also program whatever custom KPIs or goals you want Personyze to track.


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 8.08.51 PM

More detailed metrics will be available in the Statistics section of the action, or in the dashboard.


Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 8.12.12 PM