Open-Time Email Recommendations

Add email recommendations to your existing email campaigns without coding or IT integration. With open-time email recommendations, each visitor sees exactly what they are most likely to be interested in for the point in time when the email is opened and read, based on their most recent site interactions.

A Recommendation for every scenario

Personyze's recommendations utilize each visitor’s individual interests, transaction history, demographics, combining crowd wisdom with machine learning to generate personal, engaging recommendations.

Works with your existing email provider

Integrate our customizable email recommendation design templates in seconds with your existing email provider and campaigns. Simply Add the embed code snippet into your email template, and Personyze does the rest!

Automated, hands off conversions

Simply add the code, and Personyze's AI engine automatically shows the right products or content to the visitor based on the algorithm you chose. The recommendations themselves are automated, and can be added to any transactional or other email.

Easy integration of your data

Synchronize your product/content data automatically, use our site content crawler to create a feed, or use a spreadsheet URL, API, or SFTP upload. Mapping the feed can also be automated, with our contextual algorithm that reads your content, and identifies and ranks interests/topics. 

Highly personal open-time email recommendations

With open-time email personalization, the recommendation engine builds the content of the message at the time your recipient opens it.  By factoring in the latest transaction, activity on site, product availability, and current price, Personyze shows highly tailored recommendations that lead to higher conversion and tangible increases in revenue. 

Personyze embed code is blind to ESP

It doesn’t matter what third-party email marketing tool you’re using, Personyze embed code is simply a code that pulls recommendations from Personyze, and presents them with the design of your choice via HMTL.

Trigger emails using webhooks or API

Use Webhooks or API to further integrate with third-party email platforms, by triggering emails or other email logic in your ESP based on virtually any behavior or data variable in Personyze.

Personyze comes with a wide variety of product recommendation algorithms that can be inserted into your emails. 

Recommended for you
This machine learning based algorithm uses the totality of user data to find patterns in how users of various types interacted with all of the items in your catalog, and make recommendations based on that.

Frequently bought together:
Recommend cross-sale items that were bought together, often with the product they’re currently viewing, have in their cart, or have recently purchased.

Show those who viewed this also viewed/bought:
Suggesting the right alternatives, based on similarity or crowd data, will increase the number of products viewed and time spent in a convenient shopping flow.

Those who bought from this category also bought:
Recommend items frequently bought from other categories by customers who bought from the category they are viewing or just purchased from.

New in stock
Help customers stay up-to-date on items that are new on your shelves, with the option to fine-tune for items added to the site in the last 7 days, before the last visitor, or based on the visitor’s interests.

View it again/buy it again
Show the items they recently viewed or bought, so they can pick up where they left off, or items they bought in the past so they can easily resupply. 

Further fine-tune your recommendations with filters:

  • Discount = greater or less than X%
  • Product feed attributes, such as interest, color, brand, or price. 
  • If they are within X miles of distribution centers’ locations, offer free shipping
  • Visitor’s gender, age, client type, industry, etc.
  • Less than X units in stock

Personyze provides a variety of content recommendation algorithms that you can insert into your emails.

Those who read this also read this
Shows visitors on a content page what other posts have been most popular among other visitors who read the current post.

Most popular/commented from this category or Topic
Shows the visitor the most viewed, commented, favorited etc. content from the same category or topic as the content currently being viewed.

Inspired by you recent reading
This recommendation will show a list of most popular content based on those categories most recently read by the visitor.

Trending now content
This recommendation will show the content that is most popular recently.

Demographic or CRM
When you have demographic information on visitors, such as gender or age, you can show items that were popular among their similar demographic. Demographic/CRM variables can be any custom variable you have on your visitors.
Those Who Read This Bought These Products
This recommendation is good for guide and info pages, and shows products frequently bought by visitors who read the same content currently being read.

Most Popular Content from Visitor’s Favorite Author/Topic
This will show the visitor the most viewed/commented/liked content from their most read author/topic on the site.

Easy to use, integrates into your existing email templates

After a 5-minute installatation, our step-by-step wizards guide you through the process of creating recommendations, using industry best practice responsive templates that are simply embedded into any email templates you are using now, with a short HTML snippet to make the process even easier. You can also broadcast your emails from our platform, which also provides open-time email recommendations.

Get a comprehensive campaign performance view, with metrics such as impressions, click through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, recommendation revenue, time it took to buy from the first click, etc. Filter down to see detailed statistics by recommendation algorithms, list of products or content, and various user data parameters like demographics and location. Define any custom metrics you want, as virtually any site behaviors are trackable with Personyze.

Upload a file with your product list or CRM user data, or set a dynamic feed which can be synchronized automatically. Connect your CRM solution using out-of-the-box integration, or our API.

Preview your recommendations before they go live, by selecting an email recipient and preview the recommendation they are going to see.

Personyze has a visual simulator interface for you to set up tracking of cart value, adding to cart, checkout, search box inputs, and more. Track virtually anything that appears during a visitor session, without writing a single line of code.

Rotate recommendation algorithms or email designs between different users for A/B testing. Find the exact versions that get the most engagement and conversion. Pick the winner manually, or have it automatically deployed based on time, or key performance metrics.

In every email you send to your customers, from shipping confirmation to invoice, when they open the email you can show the products that they are most likely to buy, the accessories they want to have, and the sales they don’t want to miss.