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Personalized Content & Product Recommendation Engine

Offering your Target Audiences Dynamic and Relevant Product & Content Recommendations Based on Their Current Interests, for Enhanced Sales and Improved Engagement!

With Personyze you get to take your product and content recommendation practice up several notches by introducing the element of automatic or manual personalization, that stays updated with the changing interests of your target audiences in real-time. This is like everyday recommendations on steroids, and gives you the  power that uber-sophisticated engines like Amazon have used for years to dramatically increase sales.

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  • On a news website, if a visitor’s interest patterns show that he is an avid football fan and peruses only items and stories that have to do with a specific country–say, the United Kingdom–then upon his subsequent visits, the system will load to the home page news pertaining to the UK, and will focus primarily on football matches, leagues, events and celebrities, instead of showing him a jumble of different links and stories from all over the world. When there is a new article about his team that he hasn’t read yet, an email can even be sent out alerting him of the addition!

  • On an e-commerce website, the system can keep track of items viewed by a visitor, goods that are added to the shopping cart and abandoned, most bought/viewed and clicked items, seasonal favorites, new arrivals and so on. This data then guides Personyze to display site messages about price drops for products that the visitor has shown prior interest in. You can even send out re-marketing emails based on unprocessed items in the cart, or new products that visitors are likely to buy.

  • On more generic content based sites, like lifestyle and productivity blogs, interest widgets take note of categories that account for the maximum interactions (shares, likes, comments), bookmarked and unfinished articles and most read sections to dynamically recommend blogs and articles that make sense, given the past history of the visitor.

Want to see the power of true 1:1 Personalization, without IT hassles, and at a fraction of the cost of what the giant brands spend?

Want to use the most powerful features of different personalization techniques from one simple dashboard?

The Personyze Product and Content Recommendation Engine is your best bet!

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