Personyze Recommendations Gives You the Power to Show Your Visitors What They Want to See

Can you imagine if brick-and-mortar retail stores could transform in real time, to show shoppers what they want to see on the front isles? How about if newspapers could rearrange their content, to move stories the reader is most interested in to the front pages? While that sort of magic isn’t possible with newspapers or stores, Personyze allows you to do exactly that with the content on your website, and the effects on your conversion can certainly seem like magic.

Personyze recommendation engine allows you to show the videos, content, or products that your visitor is most likely to be interested in, based on in-depth visitor data. In Personyze, each visitor has a unique profile of ranked interests, which are deduced from sources such as:

  • On-site behavior: pages visited, time on each page, clicks, past purchases, custom KPIs, etc.

  • Campaign referral and internal searches on your site

  • Social media profile data

  • Integrated CRM data

  • IP intelligence, such as businesses their IP address may be associated with

  • Geo-locational data, such as city, region, country, weather forecast, etc.

On the back-end, The interface for managing your recommendations is simple, and doesn’t require coding knowledge or IT resources. The powerful recommendation engine at your disposal can be conveniently set to Manual or Automatic, which gives you the ability to let Personyze determine how to recommend your products and content to visitors, or make changes to the recommendation settings yourself.

Personyze also allows you to show different types of recommendations using different algorithms to different visitor segments, and to rotate and A/B test different types of recommendations within a single segment across multiple channels, all using a simple, built-in A/B testing function. This allows your recommendations to be powered not just by knowledge of the individual’s interests, but also by statistical data of what works and what doesn’t, within their audience segment.


With Personyze you get to take your product and content recommendation practice up several notches by introducing the element of automatic or manual personalization, that stays updated with the changing interests of your target audiences in real-time. This is like everyday recommendations on steroids, and gives you the  power that uber-sophisticated engines like Amazon have used for years to dramatically increase sales.

Recommendations by Personyze are Guaranteed to Delight

Stated plainly: There is no way that recommendations by Personyze could have anything but a positive effect on the user experience of your website. Who doesn’t like to be shown what they’re interested in seeing? Increased engagement and conversion is basically guaranteed, and for the minor effort you invest uploading your products catalogue and creating your settings, the returns can be enormous. Market research has shown that:

  • 12% of worldwide online revenue comes from recommendations.

  • Conversion rates of those who click on recommendations is over five times higher than those who didn’t.

  • 45% of online shoppers are more likely to shop where personalized recommendations are provided


Another added benefit of Personyze is that it doesn’t use third-party cookies, which is usually where the “creepy” factor of recommendations come in (How did they know that I…). All the data being used is from interactions with your site, or social data that the user has expressly given permission to your site to use (by connecting through facebook). This ensures that your recommendations will be just relevant enough to be enjoyed, but not specific enough to be eerie.


Content recommendation_articles to read

On a news website, if a visitor’s interest patterns show that he is an avid football fan and peruses only items and stories that have to do with a specific country–say, the United Kingdom–then upon his subsequent visits, the system will load to the home page news pertaining to the UK, and will focus primarily on football matches, leagues, events and celebrities, instead of showing him a jumble of different links and stories from all over the world. When there is a new article about his team that he hasn’t read yet, an email can even be sent out alerting him of the addition.

Slider 7_Wisdom of the Crowd RecommendationsOn an e-commerce website, the system can keep track of items viewed by a visitor, goods that are added to the shopping cart and abandoned, most bought/viewed and clicked items, seasonal favorites, new arrivals and so on. This data then guides Personyze to display site messages about price drops for products that the visitor has shown prior interest in. You can even send out re-marketing emails based on unprocessed items in the cart, or new products that visitors are likely to buy.

Content recommendation_video to watchOn video-based sites or vlogs, interest widgets take note of categories that account for the maximum interactions (shares, likes, comments), videos previously viewed, and most watched sections to dynamically recommend videos that make sense, given the past history of the visitor.

Built for Marketers, Not for Programmers

Personyze operates with an easy-to-use dashboard interface, which doesn’t require IT involvement. Made to be accessible to marketers and other non-technical professionals, if you can describe it with words, you can do it with Personyze.

Our cloud-based, SaaS personalization solution has been on the market for 8 years, and has continually evolved and upgraded to be more intuitive, more effective, and more comprehensive. Personyze is your total personalization solution.


Audience Targeting and Customer Segmentation is Achieved with a Simple, Rules-based Logic.

There are over 72 audience parameters for segmentation in Personyze, including on-site behavior, search keyword referral, visitor IP’s industry association, visitor’s location, current weather, custom CRM parameters, and many more. Personyze’s versatile targeting system allows you to get as general as entire countries, or as specific as a single person.

Take Action: Dynamically change and add to your site, based on your visitor segmentation.

Create customizable widgets, insert promotional banners, pop-ups, custom javascript, sliders, countdowns, social media integration, product/content recommendations, and many more unique and customized elements. Also make changes to your page, drag and drop, delete, duplicate, re-write, and alter any page element, with the WYSIWYG editor.



Integrating Personyze with your site is as simple as injecting a short piece of tracking code on all the pages that you want to be personalized, that’s all there is to it!


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.46.01 PM

Once campaigns are completed and go live, you will see real-time statistics built into the interface itself, for data-driven intelligence of what strategies are working, and what isn’t. Personyze built-in analytics makes smart marketing simple.


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