Target visitors matching specific segments with highly designed, optimized especially for them content.
Website Personalization

Get-StartedPersonyze behavioral targeting and personalization offers a powerful solution that allows you to quickly and easily personalize your website and provide highly targeted message/promotion/content to maximize user experience and conversion rate. Personalization is based on visitors’ geographic location, referer,demographics,weather conditions and forecast, characteristics, social profile, real-time and past behavior in the website as well as, if needed, your CRM data which can be easily integrated into Personyze.

New Personalization Actions

With zero-integration, Personyze allows each user to define an unlimited number of Micro and Macro Segments by selecting visitor attributes from a list of over 70 out of the box visitor characteristics, as well as custom defined characteristics and CRM/Back office data, and combining them together into segmentation rules by using AND/OR/XOR and NOT operators.

Once a visitor is identified as matching a predefined segment, personalized messages, promotions, and content are  automatically applied to the entire site without any resources from your IT or Design team. That way different audiences can have a completely different experience while visiting the same website.

Personyze Personalization Process

The Personalization process is a simple, fast, and intuitive process anyone can perform. All you need to know is who’s your target audience and what you would like them to see. That is it. You do not need any technical or design knowledge.


1. Define an Audience based on the Visitor’s:

  1. Location (Geo. targeting by country, state, city, region, etc.)
  2. Referrer (including targeting exact keywords, Broadcast campaigns)
  3. Onsite Behavior(Pageviews, Sessions, Page Events).
  4. Weather Conditions and  Forecast
  5. System info (PC, Mac, iPad, Mobile. etc.)
  6. Social Data(such as Facebook and Rapleaf info)
  7. CRM/3rd party data (requires integration)


2. Deliver Personalized Content:

Create and deliver Personalized content and marketing message  from Personyze. Use our out-of-the-box Personalization Actions to deliver personalized content within minutes and without any technical knowledge.

Among the Personalization Actions are:

  1. The WYSIWYG Live Editor
  2. Pop-up and Banner Managers
  3. Load Custom HTML and JavaScript
  4. Lead Management Forms
  5. Search and Replace Text and Images
  6. Redirect to Another URL

 3. Optimize and Test to PERFECTION:

Check the statistics of your segments and personalization actions  and make adjustments if needed. Run advanced A/B and Multivariate Tests per segment!  Empirically Measure overall performance by defining Control Group.  Rely on Pro-Active Analytics to make smart business decisions.

Learn More:

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