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Get-StartedPersonyze behavioral targeting and Personalization offers a powerful solution that allows you to quickly and easily Personalize your website, and provide highly targeted messages/promotions/content to maximize user experience and conversion rate. Personalization is based on visitors’ geographic location, referral demographics, weather conditions and forecast, characteristics, social profile, real-time and past behavior in the website, as well as, if needed, your CRM data, which can be easily integrated into Personyze.


Basically, the rule of thumb in Personyze is: If you can verbally describe the visitor behaviors that you wish to use to personalize their site experience, you can be sure Personyze targeting engine can target them with personalized messages/promotions/content.

Once you have set your Personalization campaign and added the Personyze tag to your website, every visitor will be monitored and examined by Personzye to see if their behavior and visitor attributes are matching predefined Personalization campaign parameters, and if the visitor does match a predefined Personalization campaign, Personyze will Personalize their experience with relevant messages/promotions/content, based on their specific behavior and visitor attributes.

Website Personalization 3 Step Process

The targeting process is a simple, fast, and intuitive process anyone can perform. All you need to know is who your target audience is, and what you would like them to see. That is it. You do not need any technical or design knowledge to set your behavioral targeting campaign.


1. Set the Audience you wish to target with personalized messages/promotions/content

Set your target audience by selecting visitor attributes from a list of over 70 out-of-the-box visitor characteristics,
 as well as custom defined characteristics and CRM/Back Office data, and combine them
together (By using AND/OR/XOR and NOT operators) into the audience behavior to be targeted
in real-time, with Personalized messages/promotions/content.



2. Create Personalized Content for your Personalization campaign

Use over 20 codeless and intuitive Personalization Widgets to create highly designed and customized Message Popup
and Banner Managers, HTML and Javascript Loaders, WYSIWYG Editor, SMS, Email and Facebook Publishing Capabilities.


3. Optimize to Perfection

Optimize your website’s Audience-Oriented Performance: Review campaign performance with regard
to a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box metrics (including your own fully customizable Goals),
and make real-time adjustments. Set up Control Groups to measure overall campaign impact,
and run Audience-Oriented A/B and Multivariate Tests.

Before and After Personalization Examples

 No need to waste IT resources or possess any coding expertise to start using Personyze, simply start a free trial and embed a short code on your site!

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