Behavioral Targeting

Personyze behavioral targeting allows you to quickly and easily deliver targeted messages, promotions, and content to your visitors based on a variety of real-time and past behaviors, along with many other tracked variables, for a completely customized experience that drives high conversion and engagement.

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Targeting The Right Visitor at the Right Time

Target personalized content and promotions based on 70+ visitor attributes including visitors’ real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, CRM data, referral, weather, social profile, session dynamic data such as cart value, internal search, form or login input, custom KPIs, and more.

Present Any Targeted Content You Want

Use Over 20 codeless and intuitive personalization widgets to create beautifully designed and highly customized messaging, popups, banners, emails, and more with HTML and Javascript loaders, WYSIWYG editor and Facebook publishing capabilities. If it’s a type of content which exists on websites, you can bet Personyze is able to dynamically show it based on site behavior.

Optimize to Perfection

Review campaign results in the context of a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box metrics (including your own fully customizable Goals), and make real-time adjustments to offers, content, messages and design elements. Set-up control groups to measure overall campaign impact, and run customer focused A/B and multivariate tests to determine which targeted content is most effective.

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Personalization & Marketing Automation

Works on any site, regardless of platform.
Easy copy/paste installation in 5 minutes or less
No effect on site speed, secure and scalable servers
Step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance
24/7 support and optional white glove service

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Engage visitors with targeted
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Bring the power of marketing automation and behavioral targeting to your site, allowing you to show exactly the right offer to exactly the right visitor, every time. Provide your customers with a personal and tailored experience that will keep them coming back for more.


Personyze works on every site. Simply add our tracking code, and you’re done. Our script will never slow down your site. Onboarding includes optional training and consultation, step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance, and 24/7 – 365 support.

Integrates with Anything

Any CMS, CRM, ecommerce platform, third-party email provider, product management system, or analytics system. Blind to platform, compatible with all data. We’ve designed Personyze to work on any site, with any stack.

Quick Setup

Sign up and have active campaigns today. Onboarding includes integration of your databases, plus optional training and consultation. Step-by-step guides and instructional videos, real-time chat assistance, and 24/7-365 support are included!


From changing text and images to adding new content like pop ups, banners, and forms, it’s all there. Personyze includes just about every technical capability possible for personalization, short of magic; but it’s pretty darn close.

Improve the effectiveness and engagement of your online marketing campaigns with our simple and effective behavioral targeting.

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