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Behavioral Targeting

Targeting Relevant Messages to the Right Audience, at the Right Time

Personyze’s behavioral targeting service offers a powerful solution that allows you to quickly and easily deliver targeted messages, promotions and content to your users based on their likes, preferences, past actions and search intent (amongst other factors), for a completely customized experience that drives high conversion rates.

Basically the rule of thumb in Personyze is: “If you can verbally describe the visitor behaviors you wish to target, Personyze targeting engine can make that happen for you.”

Targeting is based on visitors’ geographic location, source of reference (referral) demographics, weather conditions and forecast, characteristics, social profile, real-time and past behavior on the website and even your CRM data!

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Personyze’s Behavioral Targeting 3 Step Process:

The targeting process is so simple, fast, and intuitive that anyone can execute it. If you know who your target audience is and what you would like them to see, that is it. You do not need any technical or design knowledge to set up a behavioral targeting campaign


1.Choose Behavioral Traits to Target, based on Real-time and Past Behavior

Define your target audience traits by selecting visitor attributes from
a list of over 70-out of-the-box visitor characteristics, as well as custom
defined characteristics and CRM/Back office data.


2.Create Content and Marketing Messages to Target the Particular Behavioral
Trait Categories.

Use Over 20 Codeless and Intuitive Personalization Widgets to create beautifully
designed and highly customized Message Popups, Banners, Emails, SMSes and
a lot more with HTML and Javascript Loaders, WYSIWYG Editor and Facebook Publishing Capabilities.


3.Optimize to Perfection

Optimize Your website’s audience-oriented performance. Review campaign results
in the context of a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box metrics (including your own fully customizable Goals),
and make real-time adjustments to offers, content, messages and design elements.
Set-up control groups to measure overall campaign impact, and run customer focused A/B and Multivariate Tests.


No need to spend thousands of dollars on costly infrastructure to handle this process on-site.

No need to waste IT resources or hire coding experts.

Personyze is cloud based, and you only have to embed a short-code on your website to get started.

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