Personalized Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups are the second, and often the last chance you have to convert a visitor. Take advantage of this critical moment, show just before they exit a personalized message that speaks directly to their specific needs with a value proposition they can’t refuse.

the right look with multiple display types

Embed customized content directly into your pages using a point-and-click interface, or as a popup with a variety of display types. Includes responsive templates.

Smart Targeting with a 360° customer view

Target the most relevant visitors, based on a comprehensive visitor data profile, including CRM data, dynamic session data, cart value, referral, pages visited, weather, geo-targeting, and more.

Optimal timing with Smart behavioral triggers

Use smart behavioral triggers such as trigger on exit intent, on idle, on timer, on product added to cart, on cart error, and more. Trigger campaigns when the visitor is most likely to engage, or most at risk of bouncing.

Targeted Banners
& Pop-Ups

Personyze utilizes machine learning and behavioral targeting to deliver highly targeted and personalized banners and popups. Increase engagement, and achieve greater conversion with personalization.

Multiple Popup Triggers

Based on various visitor states, including exit intent, if the visitor went idle on the page, scrolled to the bottom, or spent more than X seconds on the page. Timing is critical, and we provide the tools to ensure that you are not annoying the visitors, and on the other hand, making use of these vital moments of decreased engagement.

Exit Intent

Set your popups to trigger whenever the user goes to exit the page, to deflect site bounces and recapture visitor engagement. 

Timer to show/close

Set Popups to trigger based on a timer, which begins when the visitor enters the page. 

On add to cart, purchase

Trigger a popup or banners right after a visitor adds a product to cart, and include a cross sale recommendation or an offer for upgrade. 

You can also set it to trigger when someone removes a product from their cart, or purchases a product.

To use product triggers, you should use Personyze simulator to set monitoring of product interactions. 

On page Scroll

Show your message once a visitor has scrolled down your page, can also be used to display a recommendation for the next article/product.

On element hover or click

Set the popup to trigger when the visitor hovers or clicks on a particular page element. 

If Visitor went idle

Trigger a message once a visitor goes idle (no scrolling nor key strokes) for more than X seconds. You can use it to show a message and regain their attention when they are losing interest.

Keep Exit Intent Popups Relevant & Engaging

Improve campaign effectiveness by targeting each promotion selectively to the segment for which it is most relevant, based on our 70+ audience targeting rules, including CRM variables, dynamic session data such as cart value, referral, pages visited, weather and geo-targeting, and many more.

Current session or cart data

Personyze is able to “grab” or scrape data from any tracked page element on the site, such as a search bar, login field, or current cart value, and show specific targeted content based on this data. 

Product/Content interactions

Both AI generated recommendations as well as targeted content can take into consideration the interactions that the visitor has had with your products or content. Examples of interactions with specific products or content are views, adding to cart, commenting, liking, favoriting, purchasing, etc.

Referral or Traffic sources

Targeted content can also be shown based on the source of the visitor’s referral, such as Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook ad campaigns, or referring websites.

Weather Targeting

Personyze knows the visitor’s current weather forecast from their location data, and so you can target based on various aspects of weather, like temperature, air pressure, or precipitation. 

Most popular interests

Show targeted content based on the visitors most visited pages, as well as their ranked interests from product/content interactions.

CRM Data

By uploading or synchronizing your CRM data, you can utilize any custom data point you can imagine for targeting, including industry, company name, position in funnel, account type, etc.


You can show specific content to visitors with certain system characteristics, such as desktop vs mobile, browser type, or browser language. 

Site behavior

You can utilize various behaviors on the site to identify a visitor’s interests and target them with personalized content, including most popular page, whether or not they visited a list of pages, or the time that they entered the site, among many more. 

Companies & organizations

Personyze is able to reference a registry of IP addresses which are associated with various companies, allowing you to show specific messages to visitors browsing from computers/networks associated with specific companies. 

Geo location and zip code

Our system knows the visitor’s location based on IP intelligence, and therefore also knows the current weather forecast for that location in detail. You can include or exclude visitors from various cities, regions, and countries in your campaigns, as well as based on aspects of their weather such as temperature and precipitation. 

Test & Optimize Exit Intent Popups’ Performance

Utilize a real-time campaign performance dashboard, and conduct A/B testing on the fly. Set triggers for performance alerts to your team to maximize your campaigns’ effectiveness.

Don’t show again once shown/clicked

Limit your popups to stop showing after a visitor has seen or clicked on them, for X number of sessions, to avoid annoying visitors. 

Rotation per page to maximize exposure

Rotate out different content for each navigation of page refresh, to maximize exposure of various messages and offers.

Auto deactivate if views/clicks are

You can set a campaign to automatically deactivate if the number of views or clicks are over or under a given amount. 

Conflict management and priority

If overlapping campaigns conflict, you can assign them weight, so that the most important will be given priority. 

Tracking Across Devices

With our cross-device tracking, you can target the same user on multiple devices so that the session count and other logic and data for the visitor is uniform across their browsing via different devices. 

personalization analytics

Easy to Use, Integrates Into Your Site in Minutes.

Rotate Exit Intent Popups between different users for A/B testing, or rotate between pages to maximize exposure. Auto-deactivate if they don’t reach a certain number of impressions/clicks, or if their conversion rate is too low. Track and get email alerts on multiple performance metrics for a given visitor segment, including transaction value, click through rate, sign ups, and more.

responsive templates

Personyze templates are professionally created according to industry best practice standards, and are fully responsive on all devices, by default.

Lead & opt-in Forms

Popups and banners can also have form input fields, so that you can either embed or show forms as a popup, which will only be seen by a targeted audience. 

Custom HTML/Javascript

If you have HTML or JS content you already have and want to implement using Personyze targeting system, a special tool is included which allows you to do exactly that. 

Countdown based on date

Create a sense of urgency by showing visitors a countdown for a special offer, which can be set based on the date or the time which they acquired the cookie. 

AI-based recommendatios

Personyze’s product and content recommendations are generated for each individual user based on a variety of factors including their personal interactions with your site, crowd data, behaviors of those with similar demographics, and machine learning algorithms.


Display popups or banners in the form of a slider, which the visitor can scroll through to see various products or content. 

9 positions for Pop-ups

You can show popups in 9 different positions, from the center to any portion of the page. 

Header/Footer notification

Set your message to appear as a top or bottom bar, which pushes the rest of the site content either up or down. This can be great for reminders, coupon offers, and many other implementations.

Banner in placeholder

Personyze can embed banners or forms directly into your web pages, using a visual point-and-click interface to select the location on the page where you want to insert it. 

Minimizable popup

With minimized popups, you can set the initial state, whether it’s open or closed, and also remember and maintain the state throughout navigation from page to page. 


You can also edit your current banners or popups using our What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) visual editor to change any element of a page. 

With Personyze, our teams around the globe can now deliver new targeted promotions and messages within hours instead of weeks. Moreover, our local marketing teams around the world are empowered to manage their own marketing campaigns without the involvement of our core development team!

Trey Ogier
Trey Ogier

We use Personzye for clients from the financial industry to deliver a personalized experience with content and calls to action which are aligned with visitors’ interest and location. The managed service team was very helpful in the implementation with some of our more complex use cases.

Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain
Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain

Transforming Bounce into Conversion

No matter how great your website is, some users are going to bounce. As an online marketer, the question is, how do you capture a visitor’s attention at the moment when they are losing interest, and make them think twice about it? This is transforming bounce into conversion, and one great way to do it is with an exit popup using exit intent technology.

Works On Any Site

Whatever CMS or ecommerce platform you may be using, Personyze can simply plug into the back-end and completely personalize every aspect of your digital experience.

Wizards and Responsive Templates

Every Personyze campaign is executed using a step-by-step guided wizard. You can use our industry best practice responsive templates for the content, or insert your own HTML code.

Integrate Your CRM Data for a 360° Customer View

Upload user email lists and CRM data, or set a dynamic user feed which can be synchronized automatically. Create targeted experiences based on any CRM variable, using out-of-the-box integration, webhooks and our robust email marketing API.

Personalization Tags

Every custom field you create (user industry, account type, etc.) becomes a personalization tag that can be inserted into your campaign creative, for a more personalized experience.

Visual Interface for Setup, No Coding Required

Personyze has a visual simulator interface for you to set up tracking of cart value, adding to cart, checkout, search box inputs, and more. Track virtually anything that appears during a visitor session, without writing a single line of code.

Campaign Simulator

Preview your recommendations’ before they go live, by impersonating different visitors with different characteristics, to see how your campaigns will behave for those segments.

A/B testing and rotations

Find the exact content, layout, and behavior that get the most engagement and conversion, and pick the winner manually or have it automatically deployed.

Smart Forms with Auto Responds

Grow your email list with targeted calls-to-action and smart forms to collect emails and leads on the site, and set auto-responder sequences. Use out-of-the-box integration to push form data to your CRM solution.

Exit Intent Popups with Dynamic AI Recommendations

Present visitors with the most viewed/booked, bought, or read content or products for this week, based on visitor location, demographics, and known personal interests, as derived from on-site behavior and other sources.

Connect Your Promotions to Real-time Business Performance

Automatically turn your promotions on or off when Personyze detects higher traffic, calls, or form submissions, so your promotions only apply when timing is optimial, not only for the visitors but also for your business, when you need the push in sales the most.

Google Analytics Integration

By default, Personyze reports campaign performance in real-time to Google Analytics. The moment you publish a campaign live on your site, data on it’s performance is sent to Google Analytics, by default.

Leverage the Power of

Personalization & Marketing Automation

Works on any site, regardless of platform.
Easy copy/paste installation in 5 minutes or less
No effect on site speed, secure and scalable servers
Step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance
24/7 support and optional white glove service