Related Content
Recommendation Algorithm

The Related Content recommendations are also sometimes called the “those who read this also read” algorithm. It shows pieces of content that were frequently read by those who also read the piece currently being viewed. Using this algorithm to harness crowd wisdom can help you to drastically increase audience engagement and time on site.

Filter Your Related Content Recommendations

You can filter the basic recommendation in various ways, such as readers who read this also read these from the same category, author, interest topic, etc. You can also set it for "those who commented or favorited this also read," etc.

Great for website, email, or app

This algorithm can be used not only on your content pages on the website, but also in emails you may send out if someone engaged with a particular article extensively, or in your mobile app content recommendations.

Easy feed integration

Content feeds are easy to set up, and you most likely already have one that can simply by synchronized to Personyze. In the event that you don't your account manager can set Personyze to create one via crawler.

Any Display

Personyze recommendations can be shown with any HTML display you like, with many customizable templates as starting points. Displays can be veritical, horizontal, scrollable/rotating, or even popups.

Related Content Recommendations for Content Pages

Look below to see the “those who read this also read” recommendations on the content page.

Related Content Recommendations in Email

If a visitor recently had an extensive engagement with a particular content item, such as reading it completely, favoriting or liking it, and commenting on it, you can send an email recommending other articles that were also read/liked/commented by those who engaged with that one. 

Email Recommendations

Mobile Related Content Recommendation Slider

Here is an example of how a responsive content recommendation slider on the site changes between mobile and desktop screens.

On mobile screen:

frequently bought by customers who also bought on mobile



The same widget on desktop screen:

frequently bought by customers who also bought on desktop site

Leverage the Power of

An AI Powered Personalization Engine

Harness AI to show each visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in. Choose from algorithms to present recommendations for anonymous visitors on the homepage, the latest from your favorite author, algorithms specifically for emails, most popular from your favorite topics, etc. Personyze includes different algorithms for different channels and states of the visitor in their journey, and the flexibility to leverage your audience expertise to build algorithms with the exact blend of data or strategies that perform best for you.