Targeting Relevant Messages to the Right Audience, at the Right Time

Personyze behavioral targeting service offers a powerful solution that allows you to quickly and easily deliver targeted messages, promotions and content to your users based on their location, likes, preferences, past actions and search intent (among other factors), for a completely customized experience that drives high conversion rates.

Basically the rule of thumb in Personyze is:

If you can verbally describe the visitor targeted behaviors, Personyze behavioral targeting engine can allow you to deliver them tailored content and messages.


Behavioral Targeting is based on a visitor’s real-time and past behavior on the website and even your CRM data, in addition to geographic location, referral demographics, weather conditions and forecast, social profile, and more.

  • No need to spend thousands of dollars on costly infrastructure to handle this process on-site.

  • No need to waste IT resources or hire coding experts.

  • Personyze is cloud based, and you only have to embed a short-code on your website to get started.

You can base your behavioral targeting campaigns on such behavioral parameters as:

  • Geo-Targeting and IP Intelligence

  •  Site Behavioral Data (Real-time and Past)

  • CRM Data, Easily Integrated Into Personyze

  • Registered with Your Site, or Not

  • Past Purchases

  • First Time On the Site, or Not

  • What Pages They Visited, and How Long They Stayed

  • What Banners They Were Exposed To

  • And Many More


Take hold of one of the most powerful marketing tools available, on-site behavioral targeting. Use information about every interaction your visitors have had with your site to learn their interests, and deliver them targeted ads, personalized content, quality recommendations, and everything you need to wow them along your funnel into conversion.

Personyze’s Behavioral Targeting 3 Step Process:

The behavioral targeting process is so simple, fast, and intuitive that anyone can execute it. If you know who your target audience is and what you would like them to see, that’s it. You do not need any technical or design knowledge to set up a behavioral targeting campaign.

step11.Choose Behavioural Targeting Traits, Based on Real-Time and Past Behavior

Define your target audience traits by selecting visitor attributes from a list of over 70-out of-the-box visitor characteristics, as well as custom defined characteristics and CRM/back office data.



2.Create Content and Marketing Messages to Target the Particular Behavioral Trait Categories.

Use Over 20 Codeless and Intuitive Personalization Widgets to create beautifully designed and highly customized Message Popups, Banners, Emails, SMSs and a lot more with HTML and Javascript Loaders, WYSIWYG Editor and Facebook Publishing Capabilities.

step33.Optimize to Perfection

Optimize your website’s audience-oriented performance. Review campaign results in the context of a comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box metrics (including your own fully customizable Goals), and make real-time adjustments to offers, content, messages and design elements. Set-up control groups to measure overall campaign impact, and run customer focused A/B and Multivariate Tests.

Tips for Behavioral Targeting with Personyze

Analysis First!

Before you start your behavioral targeting campaigns in Personyze, it’s important to do your research and make sure that you know your traffic, know your customers, and know your segments. Personyze can target users belonging to segments quite well, but it can’t define segments in the first place, that is up to you. Know what search keywords are bringing people to your site, where they are going once they’re there, and most importantly, where they most frequently stop browsing. This can give you some insight into the pain points of your site, and what you can do to alleviate them with personalization.


Yesterday Should Not Be Forgotten

It’s important to use past targeted behavior in your segmentation, but also to know its role. Past targeted behaviors on your site are important in establishing a profile of the visitor, but the most recent behaviors should always be prioritized because people’s needs and interests change over time. You want to show your visitor what they need now, not yesterday; however, when promotions and content based on recent behaviors are limited, you can always use past data to let you know what else to show, or recommend.

Behavioral Targeting Steps in Personyze:

  1.    Collect the data to be used

Some visitor data is collected by Personyze, by default, such as standard on-site targeted behaviors like pages viewed, clicks, and time on each page.

Other targeted behavior data will need to be set for Personyze to “grab” it, such as specific inputs like search bars, logins, or forms, specific KPIs like click goals, cart value, transaction value, form submitted, etc.

  1.    Create rules-based campaigns that use logic operators to segment visitors

Personyze includes 72 out-of-the-box rules for visitor segmentation, many of them related to on-site targeted behavior, allowing you to take the chaotic mass of visitors to your site, categorize them, and show them specific content, recommendations, ads, and messages based on behavioral targeting and other characteristics.

  1.    Create changes to your page to market to those segments

Over 20 powerful codeless widgets like the WYSIWYG Editor, Pop-up and Banner Banager, and Recommendations Widgets allow you to create custom content for your audience segments that will convert.

Using the WYSIWYG editor, you can make visual and text changes to your page with a simple, point-and-click interface.

  1.    Rotate versions of landing pages to test their effectiveness

A/B and multivariate testing in Personyze is easy to implement, and there are many options for how the rotation will work, such as only showing one version of the page per visitor, versus randomly at every visit.

Create a control group, to cut data pollution and get a more accurate picture of what is effective and what isn’t. Automatically delete what isn’t working!

  1.   Use feedback from testing to optimize landing pages

All campaigns are able to be edited at any time, and the detailed statistical data you get back in real-time on the performance of your behavioral targeting can help you to further refine your approach.

Built for Marketers, Not for Programmers

Personyze operates with an easy-to-use dashboard interface, which doesn’t require IT involvement. Made to be accessible to marketers and other non-technical professionals, if you can describe it with words, you can do it with Personyze.

Our cloud-based, SaaS personalization solution has been on the market for 8 years, and has continually evolved and upgraded to be more intuitive, more effective, and more comprehensive. Personyze is your total personalization solution.


Audience Targeting and Customer Segmentation is Achieved with a Simple, Rules-Based Logic.

There are over 72 audience parameters for segmentation in Personyze, including on-site targeted behavior, search keyword referral, visitor IP’s industry association, visitor’s location, current weather, custom CRM parameters, and many more. Personyze’s versatile behavioural targeting system allows you to get as general as entire countries, or as specific as a single person.

Take Action: Dynamically Change and Add to Your Site, Based on Your Visitor Segmentation.

Create customizable widgets, insert promotional banners, pop-ups, custom javascript, sliders, countdowns, social media integration, product/content recommendations, and many more unique and customized elements. Also make changes to your page, drag and drop, delete, duplicate, re-write, and alter any page element, with the WYSIWYG editor.



Integrating Personyze with your site is as simple as injecting a short piece of tracking code on all the pages that you want to be personalized, that’s all there is to it!


Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 3.46.01 PM

Once campaigns are completed and go live, you will see real-time statistics built into the interface itself, for data-driven intelligence of what strategies are working, and what isn’t. Personyze built-in analytics makes smart marketing simple.


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