Personyze Targeting Rules

Here you’ll find a list of the over 100 rules that are available for targeting and segmentation in Personyze.

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What are Targeting Rules?

Targeting rules are what you use to tell Personyze how to recognize the people who are
part of the group which needs to see a particular group of actions which give your website
a personal touch for them. Rules are added together in a logic-based system to define a segment,
which will then see the actions which you set up in the campaign. 


Targeting Rules List


Targeting Rules FAQ

Can my campaign segments overlap?

Yes, a visitor can be part of more than one campaign, and this frequently occurs. If two campaigns conflict, you can assign them priority, so that when a visitor is part of both, only the one with highest priority will be triggered. 

Can I show more than one piece of content to a segment?

Yes, each campaign defines a segment, and can contain many different content changes/additions to the site. So, essentially each campaign allows you to create a different version/experience of your site for individual audience segments. 

Does Personyze change which content my visitors are seeing based on targeting in real-time?

Yes, Personyze works in real-time; the moment that someone matches a defined audience segment, they will see the content you have added or changed. 

Can I show targeted content to someone from the moment they land?

Yes, some targeting parameters are not based on behavior on the site, but are available to be used the moment someone lands. These are those which are in the category referral, and CRM targeting. 

In the case of CRM targeting, you must send them to the site with their unique ID available; this is often included as a URL variable in a link from an email campaign, to accomplish this. In this case, they will see their personalized and targeted content the moment they land, when they click through from the email. 

Does targeting work for new visitors?

Yes, several of the targeting rules work for new visitors, including those which fall under the categories geo-targeting, company/IP, system/device information, landing page, and referral. 

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Visitor Data

Personyze can target based on a variety of visitor characteristics for personalization, including referral, behavior, date and time, interactions with products or content, CRM data, demographics, and IP intelligence such as geo-location and weather.

Personalization Actions

Using that data, Personyze can present either AI generated product or content recommendations on the site or in email, or can show a variety of targeted content such as banners, popups, sliders, personalized emails, lead forms, & visual edits.

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Any CMS, any CRM, any ecommerce platform, any third-party email platform, any product management system, any analytics system. Blind to platform, compatible with all data. We’ve designed Personyze to work on any site, with any stack.

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From changing text and images to adding new content like pop ups, banners, and forms, it’s all there. Personyze includes just about every technical capability possible for personalization, short of magic; but it’s pretty darn close.

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