Personalized Account-Based Marketing

Personyze makes it simple to implement your ABM strategy in ways you never thought possible, giving you the ability to use a state-of-the-art personalization engine to tailor the site experience to individual high-value client accounts.

Combining personal & crowd wisdom

Personyze recommendations utilize each visitor’s individual interests, transaction history, demographics, as well as machine learning that harnesses crowd wisdom extracted from similar visitors, to generate highly personal recommendations.

Customizable Cross-Channel Widgets

Personyze recommendations include a Wishlist widget so that visitors can save products for later, and Buy It Together widgets so visitors can check out with a few related products in one click. Code snippets are available to embed recommendations in emails or app.

A Recommendation for Every Scenario

Embed Personyze recommendations anywhere in your funnel, with product and content algorithms for anonymous visitors, suggestions backed by past transactions for returning visitors, cross-sales for cart pages, and remarketing emails.

ABM Tools to Create a Highly Tailored Cross-Channel Experience

Personyze’s many personalization and targeting tools allow you to create the most individualized site-experience for your leads and customers that is technically possible. Show personalized content, promotions, messaging, and emails based on offline/CRM data, as well as on-site behavioral, referral, and IP tracking that Personyze has by default.

With CRM Integration, ABM Targeting is Unlimited

Personyze allows you to integrate any data that can be put into a spreadsheet or RSS feed, for targeting. That means that you can show visitors unique messaging and offerings based on criteria like their industry, role in company, stage in your funnel, location, or literally any other variable you might have in your CRM or other databases. Everything you know about your visitor can be integrated into Personyze, and used for personalization and targeting.

User Lists for One-Time Campaigns or Broadcasts

User List uploads in Personyze allow you to target a specific group of users for a specific purpose, rather than simply everyone in your customer/lead database. For instance, you can upload a list of users and broadcast a personalized email to all of them, which will include recommendations and variables that are still unique for each person. When they arrive from the email, you can provide a seamlessly personalized site experience, altering the site with our many tools, just for them.

Ongoing ABM Optimization & Testing

Personyze is tracking many of the most important metrics by default, but can also be set to track any custom KPIs you might have need of that are possible to be tracked on site. This can include click goals for certain page elements, A/B or multivariate testing results of personalized site elements, and open and click through rates of emails.

Integrate with Ease

Personyze can integrate with any CMS and CRM platform, or other user database. If your data can be exported or synchronized to a spreadsheet, then Personyze can utilize it for highly personalized experiences as part of your ABM strategy.

Act On Rich User Data

Combine data from your CRM with site tracking ranging from referral to on-site behaviors, location, and weather data, as well as social demographic and referral data, to take the most informed ABM approach possible to your high value clients.