Account-Based Marketing

Personyze makes it simple to implement your ABM strategy in ways you never thought possible, giving you the ability to use a state-of-the-art personalization engine to tailor the site experience for individual high-value client accounts.

A 360° account view for targeting

Target high-value accounts based on CRM data such as account type, product interests, or stage in the funnel, or data from third-party sources such as industry, company size, or revenue. Combine these with on-site behaviors, location, and referral data to have a full account view.

A/B test your ABM approach

Test different pricing, calls to action, email notifications, or promotional messaging to determine what approach is most effective for different company sizes, industries, company revenues, or stages in the funnel.

Cross-channel ABM

Use account data for targeted page content, promotional messaging, dynamic AI product/content recommendations based on industry, and marketing emails based on their funnel state.

Integrate data from multiple sources

Synchronize your data automatically, or upload your user email lists, CRM data, and product catalog. Connect your CRM solution using easy integration, webhooks, and our robust API, or use third-party ABM data providers with turnkey integrations to Personyze.

The right tools to execute your ABM strategy

Personyze allows you to create a highly tailored cross-channel experience for your leads and customers. Show targeted content, promotions, messaging, and emails based on account data from your CRM or ABM data provider, as well as utilizing reverse IP lookup and real-time on-site behavior.

Personyze has the ability to tailor every stage of the visitor funnel, here are some ABM examples:

  • Homepage sliders with creative based on the visitor’s industry 
  • Dynamic use cases and company logos based on the visitor’s industry and role in the company
  • Email notifications or promotions based on their funnel state
  • Pricing pages or specs with highlighted selling points based on the visitor’s industry and role in company
  • Dynamic recommendations for content or products based on other users like them, from the same industry, role, or stage in the funnel
  • Dynamic reviews or testimonials based on other companies from their industry, role, location, etc. 
  • Dynamic forms with creative related to their industry and role in the company
  • Insert account data variables such as industry or role into creative and calls to action

Personyze’s toolbox of account based marketing widgets includes a WYSIWYG editor to change text, images, buttons, and other page elements visually, a banner and popup manager with various behaviors including trigger on site exit intent, forms, timers, product and content recommendations, and more.

Use a single account identity — enabling you to have a clear view of each account that unites their data and behavior across all channels into one comprehensive profile.

Print any user dynamic variables into your content, such as the name of the company, keywords, city, time, referrer, account balance, or any other variable you have into the actual text/code of the page.

Turnkey integration with CRM and CDP providers like HubSpotZohoSegmentSalesforce Pardotand Tealium allows you to utilize any data point you can have on these platforms for targeting, including industry, company name, position in funnel, account type, etc.

Integrate any data using various API options, or data feeds such as XML, CSV, RSS, ATOM, or SFTP, to synchronize or do one-off file uploads. Use our point-and-click interface to set Personyze to scrape real-time data from the user session, including cookies, text input on the page, javascript variables, etc. 

Track across channels, domains, and devices

Use multiple account IDs to identify accounts across channels, such as emails, CRM ID, analytic ID, phone number, etc.

Personyze allows you to target specific accounts for a specific purpose, rather than simply everyone in your customer/lead database. For instance, you can upload a list of users/accounts and broadcast a personalized email, which can include personalized recommendations or tailored promotions based on account data variables like industry, company size, etc. You can use dynamic user variables such as company name, industry, or website URL, inserted into the content of your site or emails. When they arrive from the email, you can provide a seamlessly personalized site experience, based on the fact that they arrived from this email, plus their individual variables.

With CRM Integration, ABM targeting is unlimited

Target based on a complete view of your visitors, with site behavior and up-to-date CRM data, plus third-party ABM data that can be pulled in real time based on IP address.

Visitors on a bank’s website see different homepage content based on their company characteristics.

Tailor your funnel experience around each company and their unique needs.

Create a highly targeted experience based on visitors’ real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, visitor’s company name, size, industry, role in the company, annual revenue, and many other variables that can be acquired using reverse IP lookup technology or CRM integration.

Visitors on a bank’s website see different homepage content based on their company characteristics.

Plug & play integration with leading CRM and CDP providers

Turnkey integration with CRM and CDP providers like HubSpotZohoSegmentSalesforce Pardotand Tealium allows you to enhance your targeting with the data you have on these platforms on top of Personyze 70+ targeting attributes.

Visitors on a bank’s website see different homepage content based on their company characteristics.

Plug & play integration with leading ABM data providers

Turnkey integration with LeadfeederAlbacross, Clearbit6sense, leadrebeland Zoominfo allows you to run real-time reverse IP lookup for anonymous visitors to access their account data such as the company association, industry, revenue, company name, etc.

Visitors on a bank’s website see different homepage content based on their company characteristics.

Quickly and easily deliver a tailored ABM personalization experience

Our step-by-step wizards guide you through the process of creating ABM personalization campaign. 

API and Integerations

Works on any website, regardless of platform, all channels, and has full rest API available.

Even easier plug-and-play integrations with popular platforms, such as Segment, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Hubspot, and more.

Content Widgets

Add any type of content to your site and emails, with many templates to get you started.

Personyze comes with many responsive templates for popups, sliders, countdowns, banners, recommendation displays, forms, and more.

QA and Testing

Verify before going live, with multiple tools to test, share with your colleagues, and analyze before publishing.

Use testing tools to make campaigns live only for you, your colleagues, or use the simulator to troubleshoot.

CRM and User Data

Utilize the data you already have, by integrating CRM data with Personyze, and grab new data from their sessions.

Your CRM is a treasure trove of data for marketing, and when plugged into our personalization engine, becomes a powerful asset.

White Glove Service

Managed Service is included, so that you have the option to rely on us partly or fully for campaign building and training.

With our white glove service, you will have campaigns built by us live on your site within your first week, so you start seeing results even when you're still getting the hang of it.

Performance Analytics

A detailed dashboard with completely customizable KPI tracking per company.

Tracking views, impressions, clicks, and purchases, plus reporting to Google Analytics by default. You can set custom KPIs to track any behavior.

Account-based marketing made easy.

We set out to build a comprehensive platform, and that is what we offer: everything you need to optimize across channels using personalization technology. 

Let’s talk about how Personyze’s ABM solutions can help you drive more sales with tailored content based on account data.