Recently Viewed Products Ecommerce Recommendation

This e-commerce recommendation algorithm shows items that were recently viewed by the same user, even in previous sessions. It’s also sometimes referred to as the “View it again” algorithm. This is a very useful algorithm for home pages, or for return visitors on whatever page they first land on, so that they can see items they may not have been ready to buy on their previous visit, but are now.

Personyze works on Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Magento, and any other website platform.

Great for remarketing

The view it again algorithm is great not just for the homepage, but also for remarketing in both emails and push notifications. You can also set it to send after they've been gone from the store for any given number of days.

Social proof

Add social proof elements to your view it again recommendations, such as letting the customer know how many others viewed or bought the items being shown, from your total customers or from those near their location.

Show as a minimizable popup

Personyze includes a variety of display types, and you can show recommendations as popups if you like, even minimizable popups that don't disrupt the shopping experience.

Quick add to cart button

Make it even easier to finalize the shopping decision, so that when visitors return and see the item they were coming back for, they can instantly add it to their cart and get on with the checkout process.

Homepage Recently Viewed Recommendations

Use the slider to see the view it again product recommendations on the home page for each visitor.

View It Again Recommendations in Email

When a visitor hasn’t been back to the store for a while, send them a reminder of what they viewed when they were there last time. 

Email Recommendations

Responsive View It Again Recommendation Slider


On mobile screen: 

frequently bought by customers who also bought on mobile



The same widget on desktop screen:

frequently bought by customers who also bought on desktop site

Leverage the Power of

An AI-Powered Personalization Engine

Harness AI to show each visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in. Choose from algorithms to present recommendations for anonymous visitors on the homepage, buy it together for a product page, algorithms specifically for emails, items that are on sale from the visitor’s wishlist, or “Buy It Again” for perishables. Personyze includes different algorithms for different channels and states of the visitor in their journey, with the flexibility to leverage your customer expertise to build algorithms with the exact blend of data or strategies that perform best for you.