Magento Product Recommendations

Personyze’s product recommendations engine for Magento uses visitors’ individual interests, demographics, transaction history, and machine learning to harness crowd wisdom and generate highly personalized recommendations.

Personyze’s recommendation engine for Magento comes with a wide variety of algorithms for various applications in e-commerce and beyond. With Personyze, you can ensure that your Magento shop offers product recommendations powered by the maximum customer and crowd data. It also includes the latest tools to show the kinds of recommendations that will keep customers shopping and buying. This includes the frequently bought together “equation” style of cross-sale recommendations on product pages, as seen on Amazon.

Magento Integration Couldn’t Be Easier

Integrating Personyze with your Magento site is as simple as copy/pasting a tag into your tag manager. As soon as the tag is active, that’s it. Personyze is able to add quality product recommendations to your Magento ecommerce store, track all visitor activity, and add many other valuable features beyond recommendations. These include exit popups, personalized abandoned cart emails, rotating banner ads, and many, many more.

Personyze’s product recommendations include a wide array of algorithms and variables. These range from the simplest “buy it again”, to Frequently Bought Together bundles for cross-sales. You even have the option of using machine learning-based algorithms which use crowd data to find patterns no humans would ever be likely to guess.

Best of all, the Personyze team will help you get your recommendations set up. From integrating your product feed to setting product interactions monitoring. From there, all you have to do is create the look and feel you want, and tell Personyze where to embed the carousels or widgets you create. With Personyze managed service, you can have recommendations live on your site within days, with very little effort from your team, and zero IT resources.

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