Frequently Bought Together and Similar Algorithms for Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Other Ecommerce Platforms

interest-based recommendationsPersonyze can personalize any website on any ecommerce platform, and our wide variety of recommendation algorithms like Frequently Bought Together can be deployed on any ecommerce website. All that’s required is adding Personyze’s short tracking code to your online store (a 5 minute or less process), integrating a product feed, and setting up interactions monitoring. These last two parts the Personyze team will even handle for you.

We’re often asked if we have algorithms like:

  • Magento Frequently Viewed Products
  • Woocommerce Recently Viewed Products (even simpler integration)
  • Shopify Related Products
  • Shopify Recommended Products
  • Frequently Bought Together

…and many similar ecommerce recommendation algorithms, and the simple answer is YES, we have these and many many more, which are available for personalization on any online store, using Personyze. We also have many useful ecommerce widgets beyond recommendations, such as social proof and urgent messaging for product pages.

While many ecommerce platforms have personalization plugins which do use some simple or collaborative filtering to provide recommendations, none of them can compete with Personyze’s 50+ ecommerce algorithms for recommendations on website, in emails, and even in your app. Some of our algorithms also use advanced machine learning, which detects patterns in the data itself, rather than relying on human assumptions.

You can view our full list of recommendation algorithms here.

Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page.
This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful recommendations, this is easy to set up on your website.