Best Practice Exit Intent Popup Examples

A few popular examples of how to re-capture visitor attention by leveraging Personzye’s pinpoint targeting and AI-driven recommendations to show the perfect relevant message when they are about to exit the site.

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Exit Intent Popup with Multiple Map Markers Based on Real-Time Visitor Location

This example demonstrates Personyze’s ability to show the nearest shop based on real-time visitor location. From apparel sites to a car dealerships, showing the visitor the nearest shop or display room based on his location is a great way to increase foot traffic into your stores.

geo-targeting exit popup

Exit Intent Popup with Dynamic Recommendations 

The example demonstrates Personyze’s ability to show the most relevant products based on real-time visitor interest. E-commerce sites can show items on sale based on visitor interest combined with machine learning to show the products they are most likely to buy, based on other visitors with similar characteristics.

Exit Intent Popup with a Countdown Timer

Personyze’s countdown timer that can be based on a prefixed time or cookie-based that starts the counts down from the moment a visitor saw the exit popup. You can dynamically include the last product the visitor added to the cart or viewed or the most popular from last category, etc.

Exit Intent Popup with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Personyze’s dynamic user variables allow you to print any data Personzye has on the visitor into your creative to enhance relevancy. For example, you can insert the keyword the visitor used to find your site, his name, his city, day of the week, etc. into the popup title and call to action.

exit popup

Exit Intent Popup Form Subscription with a Personalized Call to Action, Based on Real-Time Visitor Interest

Personyze’s exit popups can include a set of calls to action and relevant creative that are adaptive in real time based on an artificial intelligence algorithm to determine the visitor interest, the result is highly tailored exit popup form triggered on visitor exit intent that increases subscription rate.

exit popup CTAnewsletter exit popup

Exit Intent Popup with Urgency Messaging Based on Real-Time Site Inventory

Connecting your data feed allows you to include  real-time inventory data in your exit popup to create a sense of urgency and encourage the visitor to complete the transaction now.

personalized exit popup

Exit Intent Popup with a Call to Action Based on Visitors’ Company and Industry

Personyze’s ABM suite contains visitors’ company and industry data. Trigger the right call to action on your exit popup based on which company the visitor works for, and you may also use Personzye CRM integration to show highly targeted messages based on their role in company and subscription type, etc.

targeted exit popupexit popup

Exit Intent Popup After a Successful Added to Cart or Purchase

Trigger an exit popup for a visitor who added prouct to cart or completed an order, but didn’t buy or added to cart the must-have up-sell accessories. Based on the product the visitor just bought you can trigger exit popups with the most bought together products.exit intent popup examples

Exit Intent Popup with a Survey to Optimize a Landing Page

Personyze’s targeting engine allows you to trigger a visitor who arrived from a PPC campaign and is about to bounce back before entering your funnel. With an exit intent popup combined with Personyze forms, you can run a quick survey to find out if the ads or page content is not clear, or the price is too high, etc.

Exit Intent Popup with Targeted Coupon

Personzye targeting allows you to show different popup offerings based on the visitors’ unique characteristics. Trigger exit popups with the right coupon, for example, offer first-time visitors a 5% discount if cart value is less than $5, or give a 10% discount for those who have a cart value greater than X.

Exit Intent Popup Email Me My Cart Form

Personzye targeting allows you to show different popup offerings based on the visitor’s unique characteristics. For example, trigger exit popups when the visitor has products in cart and offer to save the items and send them to his email.exit intent popups examples

With Personyze, our teams around the globe can now deliver new targeted promotions and messages within hours instead of weeks. Moreover, our local marketing teams around the world are empowered to manage their own marketing campaigns without the involvement of our core development team!

Trey Ogier
Trey Ogier

We use Personzye for clients from the financial industry to deliver a personalized experience with content and calls to action which are aligned with visitors’ interest and location. The managed service team was very helpful in the implementation with some of our more complex use cases.

Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain
Kate Kotzea, Director of Marketing Technology at Click Rain
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Personyze’s Exit Intent Popups Features

Some of the key Personyze features for exit intent popups and marketing automation.

Versatile Recommendation Engine

With an algorithm for every scenario, Personyze allows you to show recommendations on every page, such as relevant products, trips, services, packages, and content, as well as in re-marketing emails. Recommend based on crowd data like popularity plus visitor interest, with additional filters.

Automated Workflows

Create campaigns combining a sequence of onsite targeted messages which change based on campaign interactions, followed by an email drip campaign for those who showed interest. Use real-time alerts and get notified when a VIP customer engages your campaign so you can jump on the opportunity.

Re-Marketing Emails

From abandoned cart, to replenishment, up-sale, cross-sale, and everything in-between, with Personyze you can send automated & targeted email sequences with dynamic recommendations included from our own broadcasting system, or via your third-party provider.

Marketing Campaigns

Personyze allows you to change or add elements to your site with very little limitation, including targeted banners, calls to action, and visual edits based on 70+ targeting rules, such as Page Views, Cart Value, and CRM data variables.

Exit Popup A/B testing

Utilize our built-in A/B testing for your exit popups. Test any campaign action, with various rotation settings, control group options, and auto-deactivation settings.

Analytics Dashboard

Get a detailed view of which products were bought and by whom, or which products are most often left in cart. Keep track of email performance, and take a closer look at each detail with multi-dimensional analytics included out-of-the-box, and optional daily/weekly reporting.