Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought… Recommendation Algorithm

This ecommerce recommendation algorithm shows items that were frequently bought together by customers who also bought the item currently being viewed. Using the “Customers who bought this item also bought” algorithm to harness crowd wisdom, you can drastically increase your cross-sales and overall revenue

In Fashion:

When a customer is viewing a pair of pants, the products frequently bought together with it may be shoes or tops which go together with the item, because people are likely to have bought things that match aesthetically.

In Electronics:

A customer viewing a tablet may see frequently bought together recommendations for cases, screen protectors, or other accessories that are popular for that particular tablet.

In Toys:

Items frequently bought together with the toy currently being viewed are likely to be those that belong to the same set, or that are popular among those with the same preferences.

In Travel:

When a customer is viewing a flight the algorithm can show them travel insurance packages and hotels which were frequently bought with that flight.

Product Listing Page Cross-Sale Recommendations

Use the slider to see the cross-sale product recommendations with Product Bundling on the product listing page for each visitor. Learn more on our recommendation engine algorithms for E-commerce


Cross-sale recommendations on product page in electronics website
Cross-sale recommendations on product page in fashion website

In Email Cross-Sale Email Recommendations

When a visitor recently bought an item, you can follow-up the purchase with an email with this recommendation, to show them cross-sale items they may want to come back and purchase.

Cross-sale email sent 2 hours after purchase, the email shows items that were frequently bought by customers who also bought the same item. Learn more  on how you can send automated, personalized, and targeted emails.


In Transactional Email Cross-Sale Recommendations 

Cross-sale recommendations can be added to any transactional email such as purchase, verification emails, or any existing email templates without coding or IT integration. Learn more about adding email recommendations to transactional emails


Cross-Sale Recommendations Slider

Responsive Cross-sale slider shows items that were frequently bought by customers who also bought the same item.

On mobile screen 

frequently bought by customers who also bought on mobile

The same widget on desktop screen

frequently bought by customers who also bought on desktop site

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Harness AI to show each visitor exactly what they are most likely to be interested in. Choose from algorithms to present recommendations for anonymous visitors on the homepage, buy it together for a product page, algorithms specifically for emails, items that are on sale from the visitor’s wishlist, or “Buy It Again” for perishables. Personyze includes different algorithms for different channels and states of the visitor in their journey, and the flexibility to leverage your customer expertise to build algorithms with the exact blend of data or strategies that perform best for you.