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Email recommendations are one of the most powerful marketing tools available for e-commerce sites, generating ongoing return customers and sales, cross-sales even after a purchase is made, and turning even routine transactional emails into sales opportunities.

Broadcast your emails directly from Personyze, with drip campaign and dynamic variable functionality, or embed our recommendations into your existing emails with a third-party email service like Mailchimp.

Recommendations can be added to any email, and we recommend using them as often as possible. Here are some examples of how recommendations can be added to routine email transactions, such as purchase verification emails.

Email Personalization on a Fashion Store Receipt

Cross-sale Email Recommendations

Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page.
This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful recommendations, this is easy to set up on your website.