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Segment is one of the most popular and powerful data management systems on the market, and now integration between Segment and Personyze makes it easier than ever to enhance your cross-channel personalization with Segment, for rich user data from a variety of sources.

Simplifying Analytics and
Data Deployment

Segment Customer Data Platform acts as a hub that connects all your customer data to the various software solutions you use to put that data to work, making it easy for your team to connect between hundreds of tools with a single click, so that you spend your time acting on your data, rather than trying to create connections from scratch. Customer data is at the core of what we do at Personyze, and that’s why we’re now proud to announce a new integration with Segment!

Powerful Combination,
Quick and Easy Setup

This new integration is exciting because the relationship between the two platforms is so symbiotic, and now it’s more convenient than ever. In a few clicks, you can use all of the data flowing into Segment in your personalization campaigns, while also maximizing your use of Segment data with the many personalization tools provided by Personyze.

How Segment data can be used in Personyze:

CRM Targeting

Show unique messaging and content to your targeted segments based on CRM variables like industry, account type, role in company, position in funnel or any data you have from Segment.


When you use our machine learning based algorithms, having Segment data creates more ways in which our recommendation engine can find products or content that were liked by similar users. You can also filter other algorithms using data variables acquired from Segment.

Email Personalization

Your emails can be enhanced by both targeting and recommendation applications of Segment data, such as by sending emails based on CRM variables plus behaviors on the site, or by incorporating CRM data into the algorithms for recommendations embedded in emails via Personyze.

Providing Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

For many businesses, especially SMBs, spending valuable developer resources on integrating and making use of data in various platforms just wouldn’t be feasible, or wouldn’t be accomplished to the extent that it could be, without Segment. Thanks to Segment’s innovative solution, even for larger enterprises, this tedious process is increasingly unnecessary.

Codeless Solutions Save Time and Money

Segment saves you the hassle by leveraging plug-and-play API integration, so that your team’s time is spent acting on insights and deploying your assets rather than trying to connect them to each other. What might have taken weeks of developer time in the past can now be accomplished in minutes with Segment.

You can review the simple setup for this integration in detail at our wiki page here, and read about the Personyze destination in Segment here.

Leverage the Power of

Data Integration with Segment

Personyze’s comprehensive personalization capabilities are expanded even further when you integrate data from a variety of third-party apps and platforms via Segment to enhance your targeting and recommendation capabilities across website, emails, and apps.


Imagine going to a store where the front shelves are stocked only with products that you like, or reading a newspaper where the stories you’re interested in move to the front page.
This isn’t possible in the brick-and-mortar or print world, but with our powerful recommendations, this is easy to set up on your website.