Product Recommendation Engine for WooCommerce

Personyze’s WooCommerce recommendation engine combines individual interests, transaction history, demographic data, and machine learning to generate highly personalized recommendations.


Personyze’s recommendation engine includes many algorithms for various applications on different pages in your WooCommerce store. This allows you to ensure that your e-shop provides product recommendations powered by detailed individual and crowd data, along with state-of-the-art tools to show recommendations that will keep customers clicking and converting. That includes the frequently bought together “equation” style of cross-sale product page recommendations, as seen on Amazon, and quick add-to-cart buttons.

Easy WooCommerce Personalization Integration

Personyze WooCommerce integration is a 5-minute setup with our WordPress plugin. When the tag is active, you’re all set up: Personyze can provide recommendations to your WooCommerce e-store, track visitor activity, and add targeted features like popups, personalized remarketing emails, targeted banners, and many more.

Specifically, our WordPress plugin for WooCommerce personalization allows you to do all of the following in one simple, quick process:

  • Get Personyze operational on your WooCommerce store
  • Instantly integrate your product and/or content catalog, skipping the feed synchronization setup process
  • Instantly set tracking for interactions monitoring (how Personyze knows who viewed what, who purchased what)
  • Instantly setup the necessary integration for instant-add-to-cart buttons, so customers can add items with one click
  • Use WordPress shortcode blocks to build content blocks in WordPress (using your WordPress editor of choice, such as Elementor), and then call those blocks based on targeting in Personyze, thereby skipping the process of building content in Personyze to match your site’s theme.

You can also rely on the Personyze team to help you with setup, if necessary, although with this incredibly simple integration, it often isn’t. All things considered, this integration makes it easier than ever to get started with comprehensive personalization for WooCommerce!

Start Your WooCommerce Recommendation Engine Free Trial Today

WooCommerce recommendations with Personyze are easy to set up, free to try, and require no commitment.