Account Based Marketing with Personyze

We designed our platform to empower marketers to deliver tailored, optimized customer experiences based on detailed account data, without IT knowledge.
Implementation is easy, with step-by-step wizards, and industry best practice templates.


Key Features of Personyze ABM Solution:


  • Target High Priority Accounts

    Use our state of the art segmentation engine to pinpoint a specific account, or category of accounts, using multiple sources of data including IP intelligence, real-time CRM data, Behavioral data

  • Tailor Personalized Content

    Create cross-channel personalization to tailor the visitor experience, using more than 20+ widgets to create content such as pop-ups, recommendations, emails, banners, and more.

  • Execute Tactics for Conversion

    With no IT limitation, our platform is built for marketers to easily execute campaigns in minutes that can “wow” targeted accounts along the sales funnel.

  • Measure Impact with  Analytics

    With a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness, drill down to the account level, know your lead well with real-time data analysis, and synced CRM profiles.

  • Act Based On Comprehensive User Profiles from Multiple Sources

    Utilize online data from your site from multiple sources, such as data from a spreadsheet, and synchronized user data from any XML or RSS feed, such as a Salesforce report.



Easily deliver personalized experience across website, email, and app based on customer account type, role, industry, etc. Built for marketers, our platform includes step-by-step campaign wizards and design templates.