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Use AI & Targeting to deliver a personalized, optimal cross-channel experience at every digital touchpoint.

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Create a Personal and Engaging Digital Experience

From recommendations and smart promotions to personalized content and emails, Personyze connects all your data to provide relevant experiences at every touch point that drive higher engagement, conversion, and accelerate your marketing effectiveness.

Know Every Visitor at a Granular Level

With a comprehensive visitor data profile consisting of site behavior, demographics, referral, CRM, and social data, you can act on a complete user view. Personyze becomes a hub where your data turns into tangible, automated actions.

Combine the Power of Machine & Human Intelligence

A hybrid system for every scenario provides maximum flexibility to both deliver targeted content & promotions for specific segments, plus harness machine learning to generate dynamic recommendations on site & in emails.

Never Be Left Guessing, Test Every Hypothesis

Conduct evidence-based marketing with a complete site analytics suite, including campaign dashboards, custom KPI tracking, integration to Google Analytics, & built-in A/B testing for every design, promotion, piece of content, & recommendation you deploy.

Simple & Effective, Works On Every Site

Personyze is plug-and-play personalization built for non-tech professionals. With campaign wizards, responsive design templates, a point-and-click WYSIWYG editor, & seamless data integration, you can have your first personalization campaign live today.

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Personalization & Marketing Automation

Works on any site, regardless of platform.
Easy copy/paste installation in 5 minutes or less
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Step-by-step guides, real-time chat assistance
24/7 support and optional white glove service

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Here’s What Our Customers are Saying

Trey Ogier, HomeAway

With Personyze, our teams around the globe can now deliver new targeted promotions and messages within hours instead of weeks. Moreover, our local marketing teams around the world are empowered to manage their own marketing campaigns without the involvement of our core development team!

Trey Ogier, HomeAway
Rob Thorell, CIO and Director of eTitle Loan

Conversion IQ utilizing Personyze was able to help us make sure our Adwords campaigns remained in compliance and optimized to the fullest extent. This led to increased business for eTitleLoan and our affiliated companies.

Rob Thorell, CIO and Director of eTitle Loan

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