Showing Shopify Related Products with Personyze

Personyze’s Recommendation Engine shows Shopify recommended products to customers with no limitations. Use any algorithm, any custom display widget, anywhere on the site or in emails to take your store beyond default Shopify functionality. 

Use Multiple Algorithms Across Your Shopify Site

Personyze has a variety of algorithms and variables which can be used to show Shopify recommended products on different pages, for different purposes. You can have multiple widgets with different algorithms on the same page, and they can be customized to the look and feel you want, displayed vertically, horizontally, as sliders, and as galleries.


Constantly Learning About Your Shoppers

From the moment a visitor lands on your Shopify site, Personyze recommendation engine will use whatever it knows about them to show them the most relevant Shopify related products, and as they interact with the site, the suggestions will only get better.


Fine-Tune Your Shopify Personalization

Personyze also allows you to fine-tune settings and logic manually to improve the dynamic suggestions. Embed Shopify recommended products boxes on any page, have them as exit intent pop-ups, or embed them in re-marketing emails. Change the variables or filters of your algorithms to tweak and test, or simply use our auto-pilot algorithm to let AI do the tweaking for you.



A/B Test Your Shopify Related Products Algorithms

Personyze is always tracking how your recommendations are performing according to key metrics like conversion rate, click goals, and any other custom metrics you choose. With Personyze’s built-in testing, you can also compare the performance of different algorithms in the same location, for the same visitors, to test your assumptions and make sure the Shopify recommended products algorithm you’re using is the best one for the job.


Detailed Shopify Personalization Analytics

Personyze will collect and display many analytics metrics internally, and report to Google Analytics by default, but you can also set custom metrics across your site to be tracked and compared for testing. Use the KPIs that make the most sense for your business model and strategy, and tell Personyze what to track.



Implement Shopify Personalization Easily on Any Store

Personyze is built to integrate with any website, including those on Shopify. Simple copy/paste our short tracking code into your Master Header or Tag Manager, and Personyze is instantly active on your site. That’s it!