Personalized Email Remarketing

With our AI generated recommendations and customer segmentation, you can send automated, personalized, and targeted emails which yield higher open rates, engagement, conversion, and ultimately produce more revenue.

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Keep Emails Relevant and Personal

Personalized and targeted emails with relevant messaging consistently increase engagement, CTR, and conversion. Our emails include AI-generated product/content recommendations, as well as powerful targeting and automation features. Sending targeted emails also allows you to maintain your email reputation, by increasing open and click rates.

Collect or Upload Email Addresses

Personyze can be used to create lead forms to collect emails on the site, or can grab the email anywhere it’s displayed on your pages, in cookies, or URL variables. On the other hand, you can simply upload user emails in the form of email lists, and CRM data, to broadcast regardless of whether they have been on the site.

Keep Your Finger On the Pulse

Get a comprehensive view on email performance, with metrics such as open rate, click through rate, bounce rate, reply rate, campaign revenue, and after-click site conversions. Conduct A/B testing on the fly, and set triggers for performance alerts to your team to maximize your broadcast effectiveness.

Align Email & Site Content

Don’t stop with personalized emails, also personalize the site based on the email they arrived from, and show special offers or personalized content for a seamless experience. Create a unique funnel through your site, for every visitor who landed from a certain email.

Easy Deployment & Automation

Our step-by-step wizards guide you through the process of creating an email campaign, and our industry best practice responsive templates make the process even easier. Tell Personyze who to send the email to, what type of algorithm it should have, when it should trigger, and when to stop the drip (if they open, if they click through, etc.). Lastly, do some QA, and then your email campaign is ready to go.

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Personalization & Marketing Automation

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Personalized emails for
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Send Emails From your Email Address Directly from Our System

Send from your address using amazon’s email system, connected to Personyze. You can use your Amazon SES account for full control over your mail reputation, or use an account we provide (which will still use your address).

Embed Recommendations and Targeted Promotions in Your Existing EMS

Using our embed code, you can add to your existing outgoing emails, and show recommendations and targeted promotions in any email you send. You can also trigger emails based on targeted behaviors on your site, using web-hooks.