ABM Personalization with LeadFeeder, Clearbit, or Albacross Company Data

Make full use of your third-party ABM data, by transforming your cross-channel digital experience with personalization technology based on variables like industry, role in the company, company size, and more. Personalization with LeadFeeder, Albacross, or Clearbit has never been easier.

SaaS Site ABM Personalization Example

Here’s an example of a common use case for SaaS and other B2B websites, to use personalization with Leadfeeder, Clearbit, or Albacross company data for personalization. In this case, a targeting campaign is used to swap out the header image, text, and top content pieces based on the visitor’s industry, which is deduced in real time for anonymous visitors based on their IP address, CRM cookie, or unique referral source.

ABM Automotive industryABM for indusrty Food & Beverages


More ABM Personalization Examples:

Here are some specific use cases that may help you understand the power available in an integration like this.

  • Homepage Banner: Change the text, image, call-to-action, button, and every element of your homepage header based on ABM characteristics, using Personyze.
  • Recommend Case Studies: Case studies and other content assets no longer have to be generic, but what you show can be highly relevant to an individual’s industry or role, based on Leadfeeder, Albacross, or Clearbit data.
  • Dynamic Testimonials: You can treat your catalog of customer testimonials like a content recommendation, and only show those that are specifically relevant to the individual lead viewing the page, based on their Leadfeeder, Albacross, or Clearbit data variables.
  • Targeted Lead Forms: For the information you don’t already have, you can utilize personalization with Leadfeeder, Albacross, or Clearbit data to make the forms specifically relevant to the user, and therefore more appealing.

Third-party ABM data is an investment, and maximizing your return on that investment involves fully utilizing the data you obtain by optimizing key elements of your digital funnel to provide unique experiences to ABM leads.