Personalization examples for content websites

Scroll through the before/after images to see how this content site’s entire website is transformed from generic to personalized and relevant, using a combination of artificial intelligence content recommendations and powerful targeting.

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User Story

A visitor arrives to the website from a search engine’s result pages with search keywords including “health”.
By using Personyze, the website can display personalized versions of each page to that individual visitor in real-time.

Home Page Personalization

(1) Changes the logo variation to one that has been tested and proven to be better for this specific segment.
(2) Displays a targeted banner that immediately engages the visitor as he or she enters the website.
(3) Displays a targeted ad banner that has been tested to receive more clicks from this segment.
(4) Displays content recommendations of news articles based on the interests of the visitor.
(5) Shows a more targeted video in the first position.

Personalization examples for content websites
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Content Website Personalization with Personyze

Some key Personyze features for content sites.

Versatile Recommendations Engine

With an algorithm for every scenario, Personyze allows you to show recommendations on every page, such as relevant trips, services, packages, and content, as well as in re-marketing emails. Recommend based on crowd data like popularity plus visitor interest, with additional filters.

Targeted Popups

Personyze includes a variety of display types and behaviors for popup promotions, including Exit popups to reduce bounce/abandonment, & triggers based on idle time, time on page, scrolling, & targeting based on any of our 70+ parameters. Our system also allows you to limit how often these popups display, to avoid annoying visitors.

Re-marketing Emails

From abandoned cart, to replenishment, up-sale, cross-sale, and everything in-between, with Personyze you can send automated & targeted email sequences with dynamic recommendations included from our own broadcasting system, or via your third-party provider.

Marketing Campaigns

Personyze allows you to change or add elements to your site with very little limitation, including targeted banners, calls to action, and visual edits based on 70+ targeting rules, such as Page Views, Cart Value, & CRM data variables.

A/B testing

Utilize our built-in A/B testing with performance dashboard to test landing pages, personalized content, promotions, popups, emails, and more. Test any campaign action, with various rotation settings, control group options, and auto-deactivation settings.

Analytics Dashboard

Get a detailed view of which products were bought and by whom, or which products are most often left in cart. Keep track of email performance, & take a closer look at each detail with multi-dimensional analytics included out-of-the-box, and optional daily/weekly reporting.