Content-Based Recommendation Example 

Scroll through the before/after images to see how the entire visitor journey is transformed from generic to personalized and relevant, using a combination of artificial intelligence content recommendations and powerful targeting tools. 

Stephan is identified by Personyze as having a technical
role in his company, based on CRM data.

Kristin is identified by Personyze as having an upper management role in her company, based on CRM data.

Home Page Content Recommendations

Use the slider to see the content recommendations used on the home page for each visitor. On the left, Stephan sees a banner and content recommendations related to his interests in real estate, football, and his location of New York. On the right, Kristin sees content related to here interests in international finance, gadgets, and the international arts scene. In both cases, the homepage is perfectly tailored to create highly engaging experiences based on what is known about the visitor. 

Content page with Content Recommendations

Use the slider to see how the blog page is personalized using interest-based content recommendations. In both cases, Stephan and Kristin see not just the article they’re currently reading, but also recommendations along the bottom and side which are tailored to their specific interests, such as Stephan’s interest in football, or Kristin’s interest in U.S. real estate. This creates an engaging experience that will keep both visitors clicking through to new content. 


Targeted Push Notification 

Use the slider to see a push notification for each visitor, implemented using Personyze content recommendations.
Notice how each notification is relevant to each specific visitor’s interests, because Personyze utilizes its AI content recommendation algorithms to determine which articles to push via notifications, which consistently pulls both Stephan and Kristin back to the site for more reading on the latest news.

Remarketing Email with Content Recommendations 

Use the slider to see remarketing emails with content recommendations relevant to each specific visitor’s interests. Both Stephan and Kristin receive personalized content suggestions in their email, which leads to feeling like these emails are not just generic marketing materials to be ignored, but an actual part of how they get news, always containing something that is of interest to them. Imagine visitors looking forward to your marketing emails!


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