Albacross Personalization Integration with Personyze

Quickly and easily tailor the site experience to individual high-value client accounts.engagement, using Albacross data combine with Personyze personalization engine.

Albacross integration is a very useful ABM tool for finding what company each individual visitor is associated with, which puts critical data into your hands for both CRM targeting and recommendations. Armed with this knowledge, you can use Personyze to show unique messaging, banners and popups, or AI-generated recommendations that show each visitor what they’re most interested in seeing, taking into account the company that they’re browsing from. You can even embed their company name in your content.

Examples Using Albacross Personalization Integration:

Sometimes, understanding the power available in an integration like this is easier with examples of how your visitor experience could be changed, using this data.

  • Homepage Banner: Make the text or even image of your homepage banner individual pertinent to the company the visitor is associated with.
  • Recommend Case Studies: It’s possible to use the data from Albacross personalization integration in Personyze’s recommendation engine to determine which case studies would be most relevant to that visitor.
  • Dynamic Testimonials: You can use Personyze’s dynamic content function to show testimonials on your homepage or landing pages which are relevant to the company of the visitor, using data from Albacross.
  • Targeted Lead Forms: With Personyze and Albacross data, you can show personalized lead forms which include not only the company name, but also relevant form questions to their individual company.

How to Set Up Albacross Personalization Integration

Setting up the Albacross integration in Personyze is easy:

  1. Get your API key from Albacross.
  2. Go to the Integrations part of your dashboard, under Settings.
  3. Select Albacross.
  4. Enter your Albacross ID and API key.
  5. Select “Add New Property” and add one or more properties from Albacross you want to have in Personyze, on each visitor.

Did you know?

There are many CRM targeting applications of Personyze that are useful for ABM strategy in a B2B context. You can show uniquely tailored content based on industry, role in company, stage in your funnel, account type, and many more. Have a look at our CRM targeting page for more information on how you can utilize your CRM data to the fullest, by using it to personalize your funnel.