ABM Using Personyze Integration with Pardot Data

Quickly and easily deliver a tailored ABM personalization experience using Pardot data, to drive conversion and engagement for high-value accounts, using targeted messages, promotions, and content based on account data pulled in real time from Pardot.

The Power of Pardot with Personyze

Pardot data integration is a powerful method for ABM applications of our personalization tool. Equipping Personyze with critical information for each individual visitor such as their industry, the company they’re associated with, or their role in the company creates a whole new realm of possibilities for ABM marketing. 

Armed with this data, you can use Personyze to show unique messaging, banners and popups, or AI-generated recommendations that show each visitor the case studies, white papers, testimonials, or blog posts they’re most interested in seeing, all based on Pardot variables like industry, role, or account type. You can even embed their company name in your website’s content.  

ABM personalization using Pardot data allows you to create dynamic versions of your site for Pardot segments, with personal touches like company name or interest-based recommendations unique to each individual, as well.

The result is an experience that gives high-value leads confidence that your products or services are just right for their specific needs.


Personyze puts your Pardot data to work, mobilizing what you already know about your leads and customers to optimize your brand’s experience across channels.