Account Based Marketing with Personyze

Personyze can enhance your Account Based Marketing or ABM Marketing with a more relevant and engaging experience on your site, for strategic clients. ABM is vital when the customer or client represents a higher ROI, particularly in B2B industries.

The Four Steps of ABM Personalization:

    • Target High Priority Accounts

      Use our state of the art segmentation engine to pinpoint a specific account, or category of accounts, using multiple sources of data including IP intelligence, real-time CRM data, Behavioral data

    • Tailor Personalized Content

      Create cross-channel personalization to tailor the visitor experience, using more than 20+ widgets to create content such as pop-ups, recommendations, emails, banners, and more.

    • Execute Tactics for Conversion

      With no IT limitation, our platform is built for marketers to easily execute campaigns in minutes that can “wow” targeted accounts along the sales funnel

    • Measure Impact with  Analytics

      With a comprehensive view of campaign effectiveness, drill down to the account level, know your lead well with real-time data analysis, and synced CRM profiles


With Personyze, It’s No Problem.

All of these steps are executable with Personyze alone, and our platform can also interface with other services, such as CRM and automated mail providers, to execute your cross-channel ABM strategy.

Using CRM integration, you can create a selected list of priority customer profiles, and make specific changes and additions to your website, along with omnichannel personalized promotions and messages, to market to each of those individuals in their own unique way.


With the comprehensive set of tools that Personyze offers, and highly specific targeting ability, there are a wide variety of ways you can create a highly personalized customer journey for prioritized accounts.

Why Use an ABM Marketing Strategy?

While it’s true that this type of marketing requires much more investment, market research indicates that it can provide much higher returns than any other B2B marketing method. While we know that virtually everyone prefers personalized content, highly personalized ABM marketing content has an even greater engagement profile, and when targeted specifically at high-value accounts, can bring in even greater revenue than marketing to larger customer segments. This means that in such cases, it is worth the extra investment.

What B2B Marketers Have to Say About ABM:

  • 84% say ABM strategies outperform other marketing investments
  • 97% Say they achieve higher ROI with ABM
  • 92% say ABM is a must-have strategy in the current B2B environment
  • 65% Say ABM carried significant benefits for attracting new clients

Personalization and Account-Based Marketing are a Natural Fit

If your goal is to use highly targeted and strategic marketing campaigns for individual leads, or small customer segments, what better way could you accomplish that, than by redesigning your website specifically for them? Personalization is a logical extension of ABM, and ABM simply represents a different kind of application of personalization. If your company serves a small number of high-value customers, then Personyze has the tools to tailor your site specifically to their needs, and drive up your conversion and revenues even more than standard personalization.

Tips for Account Based Marketing with Personyze

CRM Integration is Key

Using Personyze’s powerful CRM integration function is even more important when it comes to ABM marketing personalization. Doing so allows you to make use of a variety of data points that are normally unavailable to the behavioral tracking, IP intelligence, and campaign or keyword referrals used to track visitors by default.


Integrating CRM data will allow you to add valuable parameters such as:

  • Role in the company, to provide relevant CTAs and promotions
  • Account status, such as prospect, lead, or active customer
  • The industry of the visitor, to show relevant promotions, testimonials, and use cases
  • Company size can be very relevant for understanding specific customer needs
  • Any relevant information you have about your customers or leads

All of these factors can be used for ABM segmentation that is more relevant to B2B marketers.


With Deeper Data, Your Campaign Actions Can Be Even More Powerful.


  • A software company creates different versions of their landing pages, for different company roles of visitors. If the visitor is part of the IT team of the company, it’ more relevant to show them more technical information, whereas the CEO may be more interested in seeing cost-effectiveness and the bottom-line.
  • An accounting firm personalizes according to industry. If the client is from the utilities industry, we can provide case-studies that involve existing utilities clients, to create a sense of trust in the company as an accounting provider in their field.
  • An automotive parts manufacturer needs to treat each client differently, based on their stage in the sales cycle. If visitors are new to the company, they will be shown relevant promotions based on any criteria available, such as IP-company association, behavioral tracking, and search keyword referral. If they are an existing customer, they can be shown replenishment options for previously purchased parts, and deals on related parts they may be interested in.


With Personyze, you can track your accounts’ activities, and automatically trigger notifications that help your team give them the attention they need.

For instance:

An existing client on a marketing firm’s website is tracked by Personyze. Their IP shows that they belong to a media company, and they spend time on internal pages which indicate they are interested in social media marketing, a service which they previously hadn’t used.

Using web-hooks, Personyze automatically triggers an email to be sent to an Account Manager, letting them know they should contact this company, with specific offerings related to social media marketing, and a CTA to set up a virtual meeting.

How Personyze Is Used Differently, for ABM

Personalizing your website will be different for a company using an ABM marketing strategy, than it would be for, say, an e-tailer or online media publication. The key differences are:

  • Gathering deeper data, especially through CRM integration
  • Integrating with 3rd party email service providers
  • Using webhooks to notify Account Managers of activity and interest
  • Using more specific segmentation, to personalize for customer segments within companies, such as decision makers, managers, accountants, CEOs, etc., or based on their stage in the sale cycle.
  • In some cases, building an entire campaign (and unique version of the site) for each specific individual lead, which involves linking the visitor to their customer profile in Personyze, sometimes from the moment they arrive.

CRM Integration

There are a few ways to integrate CRM data, based on client needs:

  • Local Data Sharing, pulling from DB as the user interacts with the site
  • API integration with 3rd party or internal DB
  • XML file, set to update regularly
  • One-time upload of file containing all relevant CRM user parameters

Personyze can be implemented on any website that runs on a web browser, and will not interfere with any internal HTML or links (all changes are purely visual). For more info, contact support.