Digital Agency Partnerships

From our company’s beginning, Personyze has partnered with digital agencies and marketing firms to help them provide their clients with adaptive, personalized cross-channel experiences. As a comprehensive personalization and targeting tool, our software gives marketing professionals what they need to quickly and affordably drive engagement, conversion, and ROI for the organizations they serve.

Personyze acts as a data nexus and complete suite of tools for website, content, and cross-channel marketing, making it easy to create a digital experience that automatically adapts to each visitor’s unique data profile. Essentially, Personyze empowers you to transform a normal, static site into a “Smart Website,” which learns about its visitors, shows them what they’re most interested in seeing, triggers business logic in other solutions it’s integrated with and increases engagement and ROI for your clients.

Here are a few of the tremendous advantages our platform offers, for agencies:

  • Completely customizable hybrid recommendation widgets for content, product, or video recommendations, with multiple algorithms and variables for different purposes.

  • Over 70 powerful targeting capabilities based on product/content interactions, many other on-site behaviors, weather, geo-targeting, referrer, custom CRM data, and more.

  • Time-saving shortcuts, such as copy/paste targeting rules, stored placeholders for content, ready-made content templates, and easy HTML editor.

  • Included tools that would otherwise require other platforms, like A/B and multivariate testing, a personalized Email broadcasting system, and powerful internal analytics.

  • The Simulator, which allows you to QA campaigns, and see exactly how they will behave for visitors, before ever making your personalization changes go live.

  • Affordable pricing, with an agency package that makes it affordable for agencies managing multiple company profiles in Personyze.

Personyze itself has been shaped by the agency partnerships over our history. Many of the features which we offer actually arose from our work with agencies, and meeting their unique needs. We continually optimize our software and our service to help agencies and their clients succeed through personalization.

Increase revenue by expanding your offering to clients with an array of transparent and data-backed conversion optimization tools that can be live on your clients’ sites in a matter of hours. Maximize monetization with our white label option, which gives you greater flexibility over pricing and branding. Our price for agencies can be as low as $100 per client!