Key Benefits

Increase CTR’s & Conversion Rates by Providing Visitors With PRECISELY What They Are Looking For

Target ANYONE  based on Facebook Data, Geo-Location, Past and Real-Time Onsite Activity, Weather Forecast

CRM integration Unique visual interfaces for targeting capabilities based on CRM data

Do it yourself with over 20 Personalization Widgets - change ANY aspect of the page, no coding necessary.

Test and Optimize -  personally apply advanced A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, and Control Groups

Zero Integration Requirements & Quick  Setup - Have a campaign in the air minutes from now!  

Cost Effective Solution suitable for websites of all types and sizes.

Go Viral by posting on visitors Facebook Timeline,  Tweet for them, and more

Use a Custom Reports and Pro-Active Analytics to make the decisions, that drive business results

Define and Track “Custom Events” such as mouse clicks and overs, without changing the site’s code