Mobile App Personalization

Personyze’s app personalization and recommendation engine show each app user exactly what they are most likely to be interested in, creating more relevant mobile app experiences across iOS and Android, using predictions gleaned from your data.

Targeting based on a 360° customer view

Target personalized content, site messages, and emails, based on multiple data sources like app behavior, demographics, location, CRM data, weather, social profile, cart data transactions, and more.

Serve in-app product and content recommendations

Once integrated and the basic settings chosen, our powerful recommendation engine will provide each visitor with relevant products or content in your app, in real time, at every moment.

Implement mobile app personalization

Personyze has advanced, lightweight SDKs for iOS and Android, enabling brands to deliver in-app personalizations.

Integrate Your Data & Put It to Work

Synchronized your data automatically, or upload your user email lists, CRM data, and product catalog. Connect your CRM solution using easy integration, webhooks, and our robust API.

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Realtime In-app Product and Content Recommendations

Create a seamless experience from site to app, and increase user retention, engagement, and session length by recommending the most relevant items based on a user’s behavior or unique affinities, in your mobile or desktop apps. Include app interactions in your site personalization and visa versa, for a global data profile and cross-channel personalized experience. 

Powerful In-app Targeting Based a Rich User Data Profile

Start deploying targeted messages and notifications based on 70+ user attributes, including visitors’ real-time and past behavior, demographics, geo-location, CRM data, referral, weather, social data, session dynamic data such as cart value, internal search, form input, custom KPIs, and more. Send push notifications to reach users at the optimal time through rule-based triggers.

Targeting users
personalization analytics

Test & Optimize App Personalization Performance

Utilize a real-time app campaign performance dashboard, and conduct A/B testing on the fly. Set triggers for performance alerts to your team to maximize your in-app campaigns’ effectiveness. Review users’ interactions with the app separately, or view it alongside your total statistics.

Easy to Use, Integrates Into Your Site in Minutes, and apps too!

Integration of Personyze with your site and apps is easy. Our step-by-step wizards guide you through the process of creating app campaigns, and industry best practice responsive templates make the process even easier. 

Leverage the Power of

Powerful Optimization for Apps

A single platform for mobile app personalization, recommendations, testing, and messaging, alongside all your other personalization needs for website and emails. Personyze is truly your one-stop-shop for creating relevant experiences across all digital touch-points.

Works On Any Site

Whatever CMS or ecommerce platform you may be using, Personyze can simply plug into the back-end and completely personalize every aspect of your digital experience.

Wizards & Responsive Popup & Banner Templates

Every Personyze campaign is executed using a step-by-step guided wizard. You can use our industry best practice responsive templates for the content, or insert your own HTML code.

Integrate Your CRM Data for a 360° Customer View

Upload user email lists and CRM data, or set a dynamic user feed which can be synchronized automatically. Create targeted experiences based on any CRM variable, using out-of-the-box integration, webhooks and our robust email marketing API.

Personalization Tags Inserted Into Popups & Banners

Every custom field you create (user industry, account type, etc.) becomes a personalization tag that can be inserted into your campaign creative, for a more personalized experience.

Visual Interface for Setup, No Coding Required

Personyze has a visual simulator interface for you to set up tracking of cart value, adding to cart, checkout, search box inputs, and more. Track virtually anything that appears during a visitor session, without writing a single line of code.

Popup/Banner Campaign Simulator

Preview your recommendations' before they go live, by impersonating different visitors with different characteristics, to see how your campaigns will behave for those segments.

A/B Testing and Rotations for Popup/Banners

Find the exact content, layout, and behavior that get the most engagement and conversion, and pick the winner manually or have it automatically deployed.

Smart Forms with Auto Responds in Popups or Embedded On Site Pages

Grow your email list with targeted calls-to-action and smart forms to collect emails and leads on the site, and set auto-responder sequences. Use out-of-the-box integration to push form data to your CRM solution.

Content & Product Recommendations

Include product or content recommendations in popups or embedded on the page, which show content each visitor is most likely to be interested in, based on individual ranked visitor interests and demographics, as well as crowd wisdom gleaned from other traffic on your site.

Campaign Performance Dashboard

Get a comprehensive popup/banner campaign performance view, with metrics such as impressions, click through rate, bounce rate, conversion rate, campaign revenue, unlimited custom metrics, and many more. Drill down to see performance in detail filtered by dimension, such as referrers, geolocation, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

By default, Personyze reports campaign performance in real-time to Google Analytics. The moment you publish a popup/banner campaign live on your site, data on it's performance is sent to Google Analytics, by default.