Software as a Service Personalization Engine

Personyze Dynamic Website Personalization software is a comprehensive solution for creating adaptive websites for increased engagement, conversion, and marketing effectiveness. Combining manual targeting with automated personalized recommendations, Personyze gives you every technological tool you need to transform visitor data into effective website and cross-channel marketing.

Personyze makes normally complex or impossible implementations simple, by creating easy ways to aggregate visitor data from Personyze’s own tracking system and other sources, and use it to make direct alterations to the client-side HTML of a page, altering its look and feel, as well as relevance to the individual visitor, and thereby drastically increasing it’s engagement metrics and marketing ROI.

All of this is accomplished without making any functional changes to the structure of the website, and without conflicting with any particular CMS system such as WordPress, Magenta, Shopify, etc. It doesn’t matter what platform(s) you use, if your website runs on a normal web browser, then Personyze can track its activities and personalize it for visitor interests. All content inserted by Personyze, such as popups, banners, and recommendations, are responsive by default.

The best way to learn about how our personalization technology applies to your specific use cases is to schedule a free demo, where a Success Team Specialist can discuss it with you in detail.

Monitor every visitor interaction, and turn deep customer intelligence into a tailored and personalized experience on your site, with measurable improvement metrics and custom KPIs, A/B and multivariate testing, and detailed real-time analytics to perfect and ensure your marketing success.

How Does Our Personalization Technology Learn About Your Visitors?

  • IP Intelligence
    • Geographic Location, by Continent, Country, State/Region, City
    • Weather Forecast at Their Location
    • Registry of Known Company IPs
  • Referral
    • Campaign Referral from Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any campaign with a unique identifier (.utm, etc.)
    • Referral from Specific Pages or Websites
    • Custom URL Parameters for Targeting
  • Visitor Behavior On the Site
    • Personyze Tracks Every Click and Impression
    • Set Custom KPIs and Metrics
    • Detailed Settings for Product Interactions, to Determine Interest
    • Real-Time Data, Immediately Available for Segmentation
  • Social Media
    • Connect to Facebook, and Get Valuable User Profile Data
    • Link via Custom URL from Social Campaigns
  • Integrate CRM and Other Databases
    • Multiple Integration Methods for Different Needs
    • Easily Integrate with Third-Party CRM Providers
    • Almost Any DB Can Be Integrated
  • Device
    • Target Based on Specific Browsing Devices, or Software Platforms
    • Present Different Changes Based on Mobile vs. Desktop

Personyze is able to utilize all of this data to make websites adaptive to their visitors using over 20 content widgets for powerful targeting, personalized content delivery, and product, content, and video recommendations.

As comprehensive as the methods of data gathering are, the tools and possibilities that are available to make changes to your site based on that data with our website personalization system are vast, almost endless!


With Personyze Action Widgets You Can:

  • Make a wide range of visual and text alterations to pages, with the WYSIWYG Editor
  • Create and insert completely customizable new content like Banners, Popups, Sliders, and More
  • Create and insert Recommendations Widgets, with multiple algorithms and variables; use a different algorithm on each page (one for home page, one for product pages, one for cart page, etc.)
  • Compose and/or automatically trigger personalized emails, internally or with third-party providers
  • A/B  and Multivariate Test every personalization action you take, with Control Group and multiple rotation options
  • Get detailed analytics on specific campaigns, custom KPIs, and individual actions
  • Redirect to other pages, run custom CSS or javascript
  • Create and gather data from customizable lead forms
  • Offer visitors to connect to Facebook for data acquisition, as well as post to Facebook for viral marketing
  • By default, report all campaign metrics to Google Analytics (or turn reporting off, if preferred)

Some Examples:

Website Personalization On a Fashion Website’s Homepage

Website Personalization for a Bank’s Homepage

Website Personalization on a Dating Website

Website Personalization for an Online Casino

Website Personalization for a Travel and Tourism Site

How Does Our Website Personalization Technology Work?

Personyze website personalization software communicates with, tracks, and makes changes to your site via server-to-server API communication. By altering the site on the client-side, Personyze is able to change the look and feel of the website, as well as what promotions are being displayed, etc. without making changes to the website on your server. This prevents any incompatibilities with whatever platforms or services you may be using with your website and allows it to work on any page that runs on a browser.

Compatibility and Performance

Personyze uses a cloud computing model and our software is only offered as a service (SaaS). Benefits include redundancy and safety of your data, scalability of the system, and the highest availability that can be offered.

Personyze uses Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing for its platform and Amazon’s S3 storage system for its data. Both are highly trusted and well-known services, in which objects are redundantly stored, on multiple devices, across multiple facilities and offer a very high safety and availability.

Personyze offers the highest level of safety for your data as well as availability and scalability, which guarantees that your data is safe, that Personyze will always be functional and will be able to cope with sudden increments in your website’s traffic. The guaranteed availability of the platform is 99.99%.

We have placed a great emphasis on designing the various components of Personyze to ensure that no matter what happens, no website where Personyze is implemented can be affected by the platform. Personyze’s mission statement is to optimize the user experience on websites, and we start by applying this philosophy on ourselves.

Data Security

Any data collected by our website personalization technology is kept 100% secure and private. Your information is not used for any purpose other than the analysis, personalization, and optimization of your website.

We will not share your information with any third party for any purpose.