Personyze's Integration with TEALIUM Data for Personalization and Targeting

Achieve maximum ABM optimization with TEALIUM data combined with the Personyze personalization engine. Powerful targeting and recommendations combined with detailed knowledge on individual companies and leads empowers you to provide scalable ABM digital marketing.

Harness powerful TEALIUM company data to create a highly personalized ABM experience.

Personyze has all the tools to optimize your website in any way imaginable, and with the power of TEALIUM data, you can use that powerful personalization toolkit to create a highly tailored experience based on a combination of valuable data points like company, industry, or company role of any given visitor. 

With TEALIUM + Personyze, you can insert the visitor’s company name into the content of your page, choose a header image and messaging that match their industry, calls to action that match their company role, and filter recommended blog content based on their most recent activity on your site, or the ad campaign they arrived from. You can even use Personyze to localize your content, based on their geographic location. 

Personalization Makes ABM Scalable.

One of the classic problems with ABM is that, while it’s highly effective for the accounts you decide to target, the level of time and attention normally required prevents most marketers from taking a scalable approach. In other words, the number of targeted accounts is inherently limited. 

With Personyze, that no longer needs to be the case. You can create optimization that provides a highly customized feeling, but that will be automatically applied to any number of ABM accounts, with relatively little effort.  Rather than build separate landing pages for each industry, simply create a single landing page that swaps out its images, text, calls to action, and links based on the various TEALIUM company variables of whoever happens to be visiting it. 

Use TEALIUM data in conjunction with CRM, on-site behavior, geotargeting, and more.

Using TEALIUM data with Personyze is powerful, but it’s only the beginning. Personyze also has the ability to integrate with any other existing databased you may have, such as your CRM, plus gives you access to all of the behavioral and IP-based data Personyze tracks by default. 

This means that you can target not just based on a variable from TEALIUM like industry, but also visitors from that industry who are in a certain region, who arrived from a certain interest-specific ad campaign, who are at a certain stage in your funnel from your CRM, or who have spent time on a certain area of your website.