Special SpringEngage Replacement Offer

Valid until 2/31/18

Due to the recent discontinuation of SpringEngage’s smart engagement popup service, we are offering a special temporary promotion for previous SpringEngage users.

Personyze is able to do everything that SpringEngage did, and more. Our Spring Engage replacement offer includes the following:

  • We do the work: We will replace up to 10 of your SpringEngage smart popups for you, with no hassle. You tell us what you want, & we build the campaigns. If you need more than 10, let’s talk about it.

  • Money-Back Guarantee: We are offering a one month money-back guarantee; if you are not satisfied with Personyze after one month, you get a refund. There is no commitment.

  • Any Popup you can imagine: Completely customizable popups, with a variety of targeting options, including exit intent popups, cart value, items in cart weather, CRM data, location, and over 70 audience targeting parameters ranging from on-site behavior, referral, and more. We also offer various display scenarios, such as show if visitor is idle, based on timer, or based on scrolling.

  • Other Features: In addition to popups, a wide array of personalization features are included in our system, which were not offered by SpringEngage. These range from personalized content, other targeted promotions like banners, lead generation forms, AI generated recommendations anywhere on site or in emails, email broadcasting, and integration with a variety of other systems like CRM, third-party email solutions, and more.

Implementation time for your replacement popups can be between 1 week to 1 month, depending on certain variables. Chat with us for details.


Personyze is the most comprehensive personalization platform on the market, and we will re-create your smart engagement popups, with no hassle, no commitment, and a money-back guarantee.