Join Personyze affiliate program


Create a new revenue stream for your website

Personyze affiliate program gives you the opportunity to offer your visitors a comprehensive suite of tools that will boost the performance of their websites, while generating revenue for your website.


About Personyze

Personalization is proving to be the best method to improve the performance of any website, be it conversion or any other KPI. Personyze offers the most advanced SaaS-based set of personalization tools in the market.

Personyze uniqueness is that it allows websites of any size to segment their visitors, personalize their websites per segment, track custom page events and optimize the content, without coding or programming at all.

There are several plans offered, with pricing based on page views and no initial setup cost, making it possible for websites of any size to take advantage of it. Prices start from $199 and include all Personyze features.

Being a Personyze Affiliate

We offer you the choice of two revenue models:

  1. Get $0.50 for every verified referral to our website.
  2. Get the price paid for the first month by each customer you refer.

We will happily help you implement Personyze advertising in your website, whether you need a technical article regarding Personyze, banners and graphic elements, or text links.

You will receive a monthly traffic and sales report with browsing statistics for visitors that you have referred to our website, such as pages visited, time on site, and more.

For more information, please contact us.