4178-question-mark-iconAre you interesting in going that extra step to provide your visitors with a truly personal and engaging experience that is tailored to their needs?

4178-question-mark-iconAre you keen on increasing your conversion rate, CTR, average order values, newsletter sign-ups, page views, or any other metric?

4178-question-mark-iconAre you too short on time to actually get started with personalization even though you know the effects on your bottom line would be dramatic?


sign-orangeCustomers with an active Personyze account can rely on our Personalization Experts to implement personalized campaigns without dedicating personnel or incurring heavy expenditures.

What is Managed Service?

Our Managed Service capitalizes on the accumulated experience gained by Personyze staff. After over four years  of testing and optimizing clients’ websites segment-based performance, engaging their visitors with personally appealing marketing messages and content, and seeing what works best, we have become very  proficient at implementing personalization.

When one of our new, or existing customers, is interested in quickly targeting a specific demographic, our Personalization Experts help them utilize Personyze to its fullest potential. The process is very simple:

  1.  You verbally describe the targeted audience and provide us with the content you wish to present them with, ( or a few versions of the content to be A/B and Multi Tested).
  2. We set up Personyze to identify members of target audience, present them with personalized content, and set up the Optimizer in accordance with the websites Goals.
  3. Together, we review the results of the Optimizer, and the statistics depicting the campaign’s performance.

 There are two main ways to use the Managed Service:

1) Managed Account.

The beauty of signing up for the Managed Account Plan, is that you reserve a monthly hour bank of our Personalization Experts time, and never have to worry about implementing Personyze again. Our Personalization Experts work side by side with your marketing team. Whatever content they create, we make sure it is up and running, and presented only to members of the intended audience.

Clients who purchase the Managed Account Plan never have to worry about:

  1. Defining Segments and Targeting Different Audiences.
  2. Delivering the Content created by the Marketing Team.
  3. Running A/B and Multivariate Tests to Optimize your websites’ overall and segment based performance.
  4. Lead Management.
  5. Viral and Broadcast Campaigns.


2) Managed On a Campaigns-to-Campaign basis:

Key Benefits:

  1. A Fire-And-Forget Model that allows you to have just about any campaign up and running within a very short period of time, and at a relatively low cost.
  2. You get to serve personalized content in real time and experience the results before dedicating a single team member to implementing Personyze and investing in training for your staff.
  3. Working side by side with certified professionals is the best way to learn how to use Personyze and apprehend all its possibilities.
  4. Freakishly low costs.

100$ Personalization Campaign Examples



Display Banners/promotions per segment       Display customized banners and promotions for each one of your major visitor segments. Be proactive with displaying the right message to the right visitor at the right time. Avoid from showing the same call-to-actions banners and promotions to all your visitors.
Personalize landing pages Use the same landing page URL but show different content/CTA/promotion based on information such as visitor’s location, searched keyword, referring
site, device, social info, back office info, past visits info, etc.
Pop up Campaign Presenting visitors matching a predefined segment with personally relevant, highly converting Popups in real-time.
Cart Abandonment Campaign Setting the website to respond to visitor behavior indicating loss of interest, loss of focus, and/or the intention of leaving the website with a non empty cart, or without completing the checkout process. Possible responses include Well-timed, Personalized: Popups, Banners, Forms and Survey’s, Emails, SMS, and Google Retargeting.
Lead Generation and Management Campaign The visitor identified as a member of Target Audience is presented with Personalized Forms and Surveys, triggering him to provide priceless information. After filling out a Personalized Form, the visitor is taken to a “Thank You” page, receives a “Thank You” confirmation email, and the website owner receives all collected data in an detailed, real-time report.
 A/B and Multivariate Testing Campaign  Test and Optimize different variations of a personalization campaign targeting a specific Audience.
 Facebook Campaign  Encourage visitors to connect their Facebook Accounts to the website by presenting them with personally relevant coupons, discounts, and promotions.
 Personalized Google Retargeting  Campaign  Utilize all available visitor information to display Personalized Promotions, when chasing visitors who left your website across the Google Adwords Network.

Get started with the Personyze Managed Service TODAY!

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