Personyze's Integration with 6sense for ABM Personalization

Achieve maximum ABM optimization with 6sense data combined with the Personyze personalization engine. Powerful targeting and recommendations combine with detailed knowledge on individual companies and leads, to provide the maximum digital ABM marketing possible.

6sense allows you to find what company each individual visitor is associated with, or even their individual role and other variables, putting critical data into your hands for personalization.

Combined with personalization technology, this allows you to create highly targeted, laser-focused experiences on your site based on variables like company size, industry, role in company, annual revenue, or many other variables that can be acquired from the 6sense service. Personyze provides the ultimate in mobilization of 6sense ABM Personalization Examples:

Here are some specific use cases that may help you understand the power available in an integration like this.

  • Homepage Banner: Change the text, image, call-to-action, button, and every element of your homepage header based on ABM characteristics, using Personyze.
  • Recommend Case Studies: Case studies and other content assets no longer have to be generic, but what you show can be highly relevant to an individuals industry or role, based on 6sense data.
  • Dynamic Testimonials: You can treat your catalog of customer testimonials like a recommendation, and show only those that are specifically relevant to the individual lead, based on their 6sense data variables.
  • Targeted Lead Forms: For the information you don’t already have, you can utilize 6sense data to make the forms specifically relevant to the user, and therefore more appealing.

Setting Up 6sense Integration

Personyze’s 6sense integration setup is incredibly easy, and can usually be completed in 5 minutes or less:

  1. Find the Integrations menu in Personyze, under Settings.
  2. Select 6sense.
  3. Enter the 6sense API key and ID.
  4. Click “Add New Property” to add whichever properties or variables are relevant from 6sense, for use in your personalization.

Did you know?

CRM targeting applications of Personyze that are useful for ABM strategy in a B2B context are nearly limitless. You can show uniquely tailored content based on industry, role in company, stage in your funnel, account type, and many more. Take a look at our CRM targeting page for more information on how to best utilize your CRM data, in your ABM optimization.