Target Visitors with personalized content, based on the audience they belong to, by finding a match between each visitors characteristics and a predefined segment.

Lead Generation Pages



Personyze helps you stand out, and significantly increase the performance of your lead generating efforts, by identifying visitors arriving at a “Leads Page,” displaying or popping up personalized lead forms  and dynamically matching lead page content and marketing message to be personally appealing to each visitor.


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Relevant Incentives And Content

Nothing increases the odds of visitors providing their email address, like identifying what each visitor is looking for, and offering just that an an incentive. Personyze identifies visitors and their interests based on monitored characteristics such as behavior, geo-location, local weather forecast, Facebook profile, searched keywords, referring campaign, and over 70 monitored characteristics.

Per every identified visitor, Personyze can alter the lead page to:

  1. Embed, Display, Replace, or Popup personalized Content and Lead Management Forms based on the visitor’s interests and behavior.
  2. Design a personalized “Thank You” message and email, and control where and to whom particular lead data gets sent.
  3. ŸPersonalize call-to-actions, hero images, incentives, buttons, or links.
  4. ŸShow variable content and banners by using Dynamic variables, such as keywords searched, visitor’s country and city, a unique visitor ID (useful for coupons), and more.
  5. Improve lead quality, by adding Dynamic Variables( such as the visitors location, and browsing activity) to the lead report.
  6. Increase the personal appeal of your Lead Page by using Dynamic Variables to have your marketing message, content, and all other page elements, address the visitor BY NAME!

Test and Optimize Your Lead Pages

Personyze can automatically test and optimize the lead page for each type of visitor, by rotating them based on your instructions, and automatically removing “losing” content variations from rotation.

Every time a version of a lead page is viewed, as well as the visitor’s response to it, are monitored and tested, and the results are displayed in convenient, easy to understand reports featuring all industry standard metrics such as: bounce rates, CTR, engagement, and conversion rate.

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