Personyze Allows You to Insert an HTML Tel Link on Your Site Without Coding

Personalization is all about making the experience on your site more relevant and convenient for your visitors. Our HTML Tel Link action is one more way to do that, by eliminating the steps that would normally be necessary to copy/paste a listed phone number on your site, and instead making it clickable, and allowing your visitors to call you with one tap on their screen.

With our Call Link, you’ll be able to provide the optimal experience for your visitors, and improve conversions by making it easier to make a connection with you. Being as available to your visitors as possible is one of the best strategies for building brand loyalty and attracting new customers, and a Call Link on your site is a great way to do that.

  • Links can be your actual phone number, or any text that you like
  • List as many tel links as you want, in as many locations as you want
  • Works on all mobile, phone-equipped devices
  • Can also work on desktop or other devices which have calling capability
  • The only code you’ll ever have to touch is copy/pasting our tracker code to get Personyze live on your site.

Along with the many features available with our comprehensive platform, this is just one more way to create a site experience that excels beyond your competitors, and find your success with Personyze.


Cut out the steps between you and your customers, and make your team highly accessible with the Personyze HTML Phone Link action. Why not test it with a free trial, today?