Exit Intent Popups

Exit intent popups are the second, and often the last chance you have to convert a visitor. Take advantage of this critical moment, and make sure that a personalized message is speaking directly about their specific needs, offering them a value proposition they can’t refuse.

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Targeted Exit Popups are Always Relevant

Not only can Personyze show your popup based on exit intent technology, but it can also limit this popup to only display to a targeted segment, based on our 70+ tracked visitor metrics. An example might be that you only show the exit popup to new visitors, or only to those whose cart value is over a certain amount. Our powerful targeting engine allows you to limit your popup to just about any audience segment you can think of.

Show Anything as an Exit Popup

In Personyze, all types of HTML content can be shown as an exit popup. This includes exit popups with one button, multiple buttons, form inputs to capture email and/or other information, AI generated recommendations, sliders, countdowns to create a sense of urgency, a link to connect to Facebook to acquire user data, and more. Use our industry best practice templates, or create/insert your own designs.

Test & Optimize Your Exit Popups’ Performance

Rotate popups between different users for A/B testing, or rotate between pages to maximize exposure. Auto-deactivate if they reach a certain number of impressions/clicks, or if their conversion rate is too low. Track and get email alerts on multiple performance metrics for a given visitor segment, including transaction value, click through rate, sign ups, and more.

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Engage visitors with personalized
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Segmentation allows you to strategically target specific segments of those who you failed to convert the most, or those biggest and most lucrative enterprise clients, by giving them an offer they can’t refuse, and beginning the dialog with them. Avoid wasting promotions on small clients, or those not worth targeting for whatever reason.

Multiple Popup Triggers

Based on various visitor states, including exit intent, if the visitor went idle on the page, scrolled to the bottom, or spent more than X seconds on the page. Timing is critical, and we provide the tools to ensure that you are not annoying the visitors, and on the other hand, making use of these vital moments of decreased engagement.

Exit Intent Popups with Dynamic AI Recommendations

Present visitors with the most viewed/booked, bought, or read content or products for this week, based on visitor location, demographics, and known personal interests, as derived from on-site behavior and other sources.

Connect Your Promotions to Real-time Business Performance

Automatically turn your promotions on or off when Personyze detects higher traffic, calls, or form submissions, so your promotions only apply when timing is optimial, not only for the visitors but also for your business, when you need the push in sales the most.

Transforming Bounce into Conversion

No matter how great your website is, some users are going to bounce. As an online marketer, the question is, how do you capture a visitor’s attention at the moment when they are losing interest, and make them think twice about it? This is transforming bounce into conversion, and one great way to do it is with an exit popup using exit intent technology.

Transforming Bounce into Conversion

Some of Personyze’s Exit Intent Popup Features